Social CRM, essential for good Community Manager

The logical evolution of traditional CRM caused by the emergence of social action, has resulted in new systems, tools and platforms that integrate social action with the other channels through which the company communicates with its customers. Is this what we call social CRM.

With this evolution, the Community Managers will see their roles within the company to be become more relevant. They will be able to identify the strategic direction to take the company.

Social CRM puts us at a time when the Community Manager must have at its disposal the tools that allow you to combine the collection of information derived growth with social interaction. Both are now the pillars supporting the growth of brands and companies.

Social CRM, essential for good Community ManagerWe must remember that Community Managers are not only professionals who speak with the community. The rapid advance of SMM and the total integration of processes, resulting in a logical evolution of Community Management who now, in addition to interact and monitor, identify influential allies to achieve new goals.

Multichannel-multipresence = More influence

The Community Managers have before them the tools that allow you to expand your range. The social CRM and multichannel nature enacts new managers multipresence community, who directly affects the increasing influence.

This is completely logical if we think that the key for businesses today is in the knowledge of the customer, beyond products and services. What makes available to community managers the ability to develop campaigns through which generated positive feelings and therefore new sales opportunities. All it derived from the full knowledge of customers.

Get improvements that increase the scale and scope, speed and performance, customizing actions, compliance with the commitments and deep analysis metrics are the benefits of applying social CRM to our strategies causing a logical evolution of the role of Community Manager.

Maximum efficiency is only possible if it is derived from honesty in interaction and efficiency in monitoring, the current Social CRM enables companies to move successfully into their new digital nature where the Community Management emerges, increasingly, as the link that integrates online and offline presence, making enterprises whose influence lies in its ability to maintain a single voice; social voice.

Do we realize how responsible is the Social CRM in providing good customer service? And what is even more important, we realize the important role that the Community manager of the hand of the contents, exercises in relation to customer knowledge?

That is why the Social CRM emerges as essential (and responsible) element of the efficiency of Community Management, the production model changed, today companies must be social, finally it depends on growth is not it?

2012, social CRM, content and multichannel and multipresence Community Managers, the road to the knowledge of the customer.

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