What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Marque in Kent

Hiring an elegant marque for a wedding in Kent or elsewhere in the UK may seem like a daunting task at first. Where do you start looking for a reliable service that’s going to provide everything you need from a marque? How will you know you have chosen the right one? In this post we are going to take a closer look at all of the different features and aspects that comes with hiring a wedding marque.

What to Look for When Hiring a Wedding Marque in Kent

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Sizes and Shapes

One of the first things you need to look for from your marquee provider is their range of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, marquees don’t come with a “one size fits all” guarantee. Instead, they usually come in a variety of sizes in order to suit different wedding parties. You will need to take your guest list into consideration before booking a marquee to fit them all into!

Catering Facilities

Does your marquee provider supply adequate catering facilities? If it doesn’t, you may want to keep looking. The couple already have enough on their plates as it is, but with a marque that supplies these services already, the effort is cut in half.

Internal Décor

Some of the best marques provide internal décor. For instance, they have commonly been referred to as a blank canvas, since the opportunity to decorate it lies in your hands. According to You and Your Wedding, this is ideal for colour schemed weddings as you can make colours such as pink and silver or black and white work perfectly together.


What is a wedding reception without a bar to calm the nerves? If your marque has the option to come fitted with a bar, take it. It will save you a great deal of stress and hassle in the long run!

Dance Floors

Put on your dancing shoes and show off your best moves on your big day. A professional marquee provider will have dance floors available, after all, everyone will be waiting to see you and your partners first dance as husband and wife.

Toilet Facilities

We can’t forget this one. It may be less glamourous and a little bit embarrassing, but marquees need toilet facilities for you and your guests. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with disgusting trailer park toilets on your big day. Instead, choose a Marquee Hire Kent company that will provide luxury toilets with their marquees. Marquee Hire Kent with 2intents.co.uk has decades of experience providing elegant and beautiful marquees for wedding receptions and parties all over the country, so you know you and your wedding are in good hands!

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