Small businesses in social networks can also be different and better than larger

The online marketing and social media have become indispensable tools also for small businesses. These companies are able to reach their target audience through their actions on social networks, or a relevant campaign e-mail marketing.

Without the imperative need only pay for advertising, small and medium businesses can develop all kinds of actions and strategies to reach potential customers and create new, more direct relationships with their own customers. This is undoubtedly the best way to increase our closeness, trust and credibility. However, for this the first step is to really know customer, find out and investigate their real interests, preferences, what channels can operate more efficiently, as well as the type of content and most relevant information and of course, leave demonstrate our commitment and readiness at all times.

Small businesses in social networks can also be different and better than largerThe media and online channels allow small businesses to catch up to the big ones. However, this involves professional management of their activity in the media; companies must invest in the design and optimization of their online marketing strategy, always resorting to professional services. It is the medium that requires less investment, and with which it is possible to obtain the best results. VerticalResponse study reflects an increase in social activity by 2 out of 3 SMEs, compared to the previous year. 43% of them spend at least 6 hours per week managing their activity in these channels.

Another important fact reveals how 85% of customers go to the Internet for information and shopping opportunities, social networks constituting a source of increasingly valuable information for users. To use them to discover products, find deals and also to connect with brands and convey their concerns or needs. Thus, these social channels have become an important source of reference traffic, which helps build brand awareness and improve the relationship between client and users. According toExactTarget, 86% of marketers think that social networks are an effective tool, 1 out of 3 companies have already benefited from its strategy of Social Media .

To achieve positive results, it should act according to a strategy and measure results. It should be noted that all about social networking and online marketing is relatively new for many of these small businesses.Although there are many useful tools to start or keep track of such actions, for many of these companies are completely unknown. The key is definitely lose the fear and experience no major fears. The important thing is the ability and willingness to offer the best value and best customer experience.

To achieve this we must consider that not all reside in technology and is perhaps the human factor intervention and one of the most important points. Consumers need to know what or who is behind the companies.They need to establish real relationships. Closest and trusted. And not only that, but also they are demanding and appreciate that their problems can find a quick and helpful response and not be themselves helpless to large companies who never listen. Therefore, social networks have become the power of conversation channels between businesses and customers with which small businesses can also cross borders. According to Kelly Kuecha, coach for entrepreneurs, “the conversation is the new marketing.”

In social networks there are no small or large companies, but companies that do or do not do things right. Companies who value their most valuable asset – Customers -. Companies that are willing to fight to continue to survive and grow. Achieve their goals. A continuous struggle in a scenario where on many occasions, we see the story of David and Goliath is repeated. Where the weaker or small victorious against larger. And where companies are able to position itself, they can even compete or narrow the gap that separates the size of the big brands.

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