Useful guide to promote your brand in Pinterest

Pinterest is the social network that has experienced the greatest growth. It was the last one to arrive, but it has been stomping. Its high visual appeal, coupled with a very intuitive use, allowed it to grow more than 5,000% in just one year.

 Why is it important for brands?

Your users spend more and make more purchases than any of the other major social networks

It improves the relevance of the brand. It has corporate profiles, with great possibilities of personalization, where you can include a complete description of the brand, including links and keywords.

It improves the positioning of face to search engines. All the pins support links to the web page, have a section to include descriptive text of the product, in addition to hashtags.

It encourages the conversion of its content. Especially, if your products include the price, they are 36% more likely.

Its members spend an average of 98 minutes a month pinning. The average duration of the visit is 16 minutes, which its users employ for information and ideas on what to buy.

Who is in Pinterest?

The profile of the audience of the social network of the planks is composed mainly by women (79%), with an age between 25 and 44 years (56%). Of these, more than half have children.

60% of the users have a high educational level, and their income level is medium, high; Ranges from $ 25,000 to $ 75,000 annually.

How to develop an effective strategy in Pinterest?

The basis of success at Pinterest lies in more than just pinning your products. It is about creating a community around the brand, which will position you as a benchmark in the sector, a source of influence. For this it is necessary to carry out an important work of curing contents, in order to offer users interesting content, adapted to their needs. It is about entertaining, informing, and inspiring the audience, tapping into the high potential of the image.

Organize your content around optimized boards, so that your followers can easily find what they are looking for. It is an ideal method to share your entire product catalog, divided into sections.

Use high-quality, ingenious, attention-grabbing and compelling images.

Encourage your users to share and interact with your content, both in Pinterest and in the rest of their social networks.

It includes widgets in your web, allowing your visitors to share it.

Take advantage of other social channels to boost your strategy in Pinterest. Inform your fans and followers on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter that you are also present in this social network.

Includes Pinterest in your e-mailing strategy. Create thematic boards and send flax to the contacts you know that might interest you, for example, because they have bought a related product.

As in any other social network, you must keep up to date, frequently update your profile and use large doses of creativity. In this way you will gain in notoriety and differentiate yourself from the rest.

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