The business investment in Social media will continue to grow over the next 5 years

Measure the ROI of social media remains the Achilles heel of many companies and a challenge for marketers. Only 15% of marketers are able to quantitatively demonstrate the results of its strategic marketing activities in social networks. A fact that is reflected in the last CMO survey, prepared by Fuqua Business School at Duke University.

Fortunately, although it can not check in numbers, an additional 36% are satisfied with the results obtained with its strategy. So, overall, more than half (51%) of marketers rely on the value of social networks and will continue to pursue them in the future. Moreover, 49% have not yet been able to check the impact of its strategy of Social Media in your business.

The business investment in Social media will continue to grow over the next 5 yearsInvestment in Social Media to grow exponentially over the next 5 years

As evidence of the strong commitment to social networks by the companies surveyed in the coming years we will see a significant increase in the percentage of your marketing budget allocated to this area. Thus, assuming that nowadays companies spend 6.6% of their starting social media marketing in the next 12 months this figure will rise to 9.1%, and placed about 16% (15 , 8%) within 5 years.

Marketers are showing increasing interest in the Big Data

The survey has been seen more involvement in collecting and analyzing information and data about the online behavior of your target audience.About 60% of marketers who participated in the study indicates that it has collected such data, in order to design actions based especially on the behavior of these users.

This figure is expected to reach 88.5%. Track and analyze the behavior patterns of customers is highly recommended, but brands should also pay special attention to the data privacy of its users; a topic on which only respondents did not show much concern. Only 3.5% said to be particularly sensitive to this issue.

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