Art vs Design

Art and design might seem, at first glance, like interchangeable terms which mean the same thing and although there are similarities between what they both accomplish, they are very different indeed. They share factors such as they are both visual art and are creative processes that require time and thought but design has taken a practical and commercial route while art is the creative expression that serves to trigger an emotional purpose.

Art is self-satisfying and represents an expression of what the artists thinks or feels. They can only hope that their work evokes emotion. Design is created for the public in a functional sense and addresses problems and provides solutions. Art can purely rely on aesthetics whereas design must incorporate the visual and the functional.

Art can be interpreted in many ways by different viewers but design cannot. Design has to be able to communicate a specific solution to it’s user. Art can elusive and cut-off from most people, hidden away in galleries whereas design is seen and felt by everyone all the time. Your whole world is surrounded by design concepts: posters, food packaging, fashion stores, mobile phones, websites. All of these are designed to look pleasing and have a useful purpose. For Peterborough Web Design, visit
Art vs Design

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Whereas artists begin with a blank canvas, designers need to start with a set of instructions. Design isn’t just about aesthetics but is aimed at the specific needs of people. It is created for the masses and has a more commercial purpose than art. Design comes to us but we need to go to art. Art is a distraction and a means of escapism where design is an integral part of our everyday life. However, design is not as glamorous in that we can all name many famous artists but struggle to name any designers. Artists get to put their name to their work whereas most designers remain very much behind the scenes.

The two subjects although different, go together hand in hand so often. It could be said that there is a design to some aspects of art and there is an art to design. The most renowned artists create works that form the strongest emotional bond between the artists and their audience. A designer, however, doesn’t invent or create something new but has the job of communicating, with purpose, something that already exists. The best designs almost always motivate people to do something and carry out a task like purchasing an item.

Art is about interpretation but design is about clear understanding. Good art is about taste but design is about opinion. Effective art senda a different message to everyone but great design should send the same message to everyone.
It could also be argued that design is a skill that is taught and learned. Although a designer might be naturally gifted, learning versatility takes time. An artist, however, is normally someone has been born with an innate talent to draw, paint or make sculptures.

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