E-mail marketing: The thin red line between promoting a product and make spam

The e-mailing is an effective marketing strategy, with high potential for sales. According Custora, retailers manage to reach a 7% of customers through e-mail marketing. However, these shipments must be done professionally, so that the rules relating to data processing and will not fall in spam are met.

It is estimated that 45% of e-mail being sent are of this kind, and every day approximately 14,500 million unwanted mails are sent. To avoid ending up in the spam folder, here are some recommendations and best practices, collected by LeadPages and MarketingShow.E-mail marketing The thin red line between promoting a product and make spam

  • Send only those recipients who have actually consented. It means unwanted spam anyone shipment. Most users shipments marked as spam come from reputable sources.
  • Watch your database. Do not flood them with your shipments and controls the frequency in publications. Remember, the money is in the list, and use that know doing it. Take care of her like gold.
  • It provides quality content. BtoB indicates that 47% of marketers has improved the effectiveness of its e-mail marketing offering relevant content. Companies invested 1.500 billion in 2012. email marketing ROI is estimated that for every dollar earned it was $ 40.56 in 2011.
  • It provides useful content, especially targeted to the recipient,through personalized mailings. Current techniques allow maximum customization of the message content, offering a unique experience for each recipient.
  • It shows recipients the opportunity to unsubscribe from the subscription in a conspicuous place. This will avoid so that, unable to unsubscribe, mark your message as spam. The e-mailing gets a positive response from 68% of users. Be responsible for your shipments and respects the decision of those who are not interested in your content.

What is the best time for these shipments?

The least recommended day is Monday. During the weekend too many messages, which can bury your proposal, however interesting accumulate.Meanwhile, the most recommended are between Tuesday and Thursday, either early in the morning (from 8 to 9), or between 3 and 4 pm. In any case, always depends on your industry, the type of message or even the time of year. Never be the same send a message in July that fully invest.Therefore, should you study the statistics, in order to understand the behavior and type of response your users upon receipt of your campaigns.

As for the frequency of shipments, also it depends on the type of campaign and the recipients. The BtoB study indicates that 1 in 5 marketers makes a weekly shipment, while 14% do three shipments per week. Although there are (34%) that launched a monthly campaign.

Where these mails are opened?

78% of users check email on the server itself tray mails.

63% use a spam filter to automatically rule out this type of unwanted content. Sometimes our shipments can go directly to this section, it is appropriate, from the time of subscription, ensuring the deliver ability of a message. This can be achieved with the double opt-in and the confirmation of the subscription.

Over 37% of emails are opened through mobile devices. This forces marketers to work for mobile optimization. According to BtoB, 39% of marketers ensures that your images are displayed correctly, and 36% design a mobile version.

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