The 4 C’s of Social Media that you should know

When developing a Social Media strategy, there are many unknowns that arise in which social networks should I be? How do you get followers? What can I say to get your attention? Regardless of your sector, or the budget you have, it is important that you take into account the following aspects:

The 4 C's of Social Media that you should know“Content” is the key

It is the piece around which the whole strategy revolves. Practice active listening, detect trends and bother to meet your audience. Discover their interests and preferences and share with them content of value; Offer you unique pieces that capture your attention and consume with eagerness, awakening in them the desire to want to know more. Generates interactions that lead to a conversation.

59% of the professionals in the technological sector indicate that they use the Social Media to learn about products and services in the sector; In addition, 45% use these social channels to find out about brands.

The “Conversation” is a must

The two-dot world is the ideal medium to talk face-to-face with your customers; To treat you to you, on a level of equality and trust. Here the maxim is “More conversation, and less promotion”. Clients approach social networks to contact directly the brands, and they want them to be on the other side. 69% of clients expect a response in a day or two at the most; While 22% only give them a few hours of margin. In contrast, only half of the brands revise social statements several times a day, and 39% use tools. Social monitoring is still a pending issue.

You have to create a “Community” and bet on it

It is important to take an active part in social conversation, to emphasize the contribution of quality content, to identify influencers and to generate interactions, in such a way as to promote the engagement and the notoriety of the brand. The means to grow a community is not to collect fans with the promise to give them a gift, but to keep their interest and get them to want to stand by the brand. 76% of technology professionals recognize that they have not been able to engage their target audience with advertisements; An opinion with which agrees 69% of the marketers

Generates “Connections”

Not all social networks are the same: they do not serve the same goal, nor can you act on them in the same way. Each social network is a world apart, has its own language and fulfills a specific function. Therefore, select for your strategy those that best suit your interests, also taking into account your target audience. As an example, 88% of professionals in the technology area have achieved interesting professional and personal contacts on LinkedIn; A target that 62% has achieved on Twitter, a 58% on YouTube; While Facebook has only been useful for 40%.

They are 4 basic parameters, but essential, of obligatory application, that will help you to guide your strategy and optimize your resources. The note common to all of them also begins with C, and is the CUSTOMER; If you listen to him, you worry about knowing him, you talk about what interests him, and you’re there when he needs you, you can earn him.

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