Contextual content still keeps sending over multimedia

Three out of every four CEOs under the age of 50 claim to “consume mainly information online”, and they also recognize 2 out of 3 age over 50, according to the results of a survey conducted by, which examines the way in which 358 business managers are kept informed. But while information consumption is no doubt virtually digital, it does not seem to have migrated to new forms of interactive content, according to the results of that survey.

Contextual content still keeps sending over multimediaAsked about their preference in online formats, 57% commented on their preference for the text, compared to 18% mentioned in the infographics, 8% video and 2% podcasts. 22% did not mention any preferences.

While the majority opt for text content, only 14 percent openly declare that they agree with the statement “when I consume information online, I prefer text,” suggesting that, if they were forced to choose, CEOs would prefer text, but Much more open and much more neutral than can be presumed at first.

Within the content, economic news is read frequently by 4 out of 5 CEOs. The second type of information is industry news and the market, especially for CEOs of companies with more than 10 million revenue.

57% consume information daily through their smartphones, and 35% dedicate the same time to tablets as to laptops.

CEOs over 50 years of age are 30% more willing to consider Google + as a more valuable tool for business information than Facebook. Among CEOs under 50, Facebook is seen as twice as valuable as Google+.

96% of CEOs find that email newsletters are a valuable tool for their work, and 49% of them find it “very valuable.”

After e-mail bulletins, online publications are cited as sources of valuable information, with 58% saying they are willing to pay for useful content.

CEOs also contribute to the creation of digital content. During the 6 months prior to the survey, 87% of them participated in a social network, 60% in a webcast or in a video, 31% wrote an entry for a blog, and 16% in a podcast.

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