52% of buyers are already looking for car through the mobile

Judging by the figures, the latest generation devices have marked a before and after in the process of buying a vehicle. Such is its influence that there are already more drivers who opt for the ‘showcase’ of their mobile rather than the dealer. Specifically, 52% of mobile users go to their smartphone or tablet to buy a car, either to look for information or compare prices, according to the report ‘Influence of mobile devices in the purchase of a vehicle’ by AutoScout24.

52% of buyers are already looking for car through the mobileThe study – made up of 2,000 users – shows how new mobile devices are stealing computers. In fact, in the process of buying a vehicle, while smartphones and tablets are already more used to search for information, computers are chosen in the comparison and purchase phase of the car.

The report also reveals how more than half of the mobile media users spend more time buying a vehicle and even more money. In fact, users who have smartphones and tablets handle an average budget of 34,000 euros, compared to 19,000 of those who have none.

Also, among the multitude of sources that mobile users can find on the Web are the most requested online portals of cars, above search engines and the websites of dealers / manufacturers. Specifically, 48% of prospective buyers visit them to inquire about the features and characteristics of a vehicle, 57% to compare prices and 56% consider them for the final purchase.

The use of apps, increasingly widespread among users

On the other hand, according to the study, 26% of users access mobile apps directly when starting the process of buying a second-hand vehicle. Among them, online portals are the most used (74%), surpassing curiously those of manufacturers (40%), dealers (20%) and specialized media such as forums and blogs (19%).

Among the reasons to use these apps, users highlight quicker and easier access to content of interest, the ability to check offers immediately or to contact directly and easily with the sellers of the vehicle in question if the promotion interests.

According to AutoScout24 director of marketing, David Herranz, “no one doubts that the tendency to seek information through mobile apps will continue to grow. The fact that 55% of mobile users have a smartphone or tablet increases the possibilities Internet access and, of course, car search through these latest generation electronic gadgets. “

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