The importance of having a customer service policy in social networks

Customer service on social networks is no longer an option. It is the customers themselves who approach the company, looking for a response to a problem, or a solution.

For customers it is the fastest method to contact your brand, so they expect the company to act accordingly and will continue to be; According to NM Incite, 1 in 3 consumers prefer to be served through social networks. In the 2.0 era the client is aware of their rights and intends to exercise them, there is no turning back.

The importance of having a customer service policy in social networksFor this reason it is important that companies have a strategy ready, that they have an action plan that includes a series of guidelines to be carried out the moment a customer addresses the brand through channels 2.0. For that:

Design a strategy. Customer service in Social Media is not a place for improvisation. On the contrary, it is vitally important that the staff have the appropriate training, and receive instructions on how to react in each case. He elaborates a manual of attention to the client, where habitual practices are included, what type of cases they are the ones that are repeated more frequently, together with the answers and more appropriate solutions. In this section it is also appropriate to specify the tone of the communication to be used in the relationship with the client. So important is what is said as the way it is transmitted.

Make a list of responsible; Both in the customer service department and in each area of the company. It is important that those in charge of customer service have a support so that, if necessary, they know who they should go to, who has the power to solve a problem of considerable importance.

Listen, listen and respond. They are the mainstays of any customer service strategy. Therefore it is important to instill them in all the members of the department, as well as to know the management of monitoring tools and techniques.

Be quick and effective. The client wants a response, as soon as possible. Therefore, the company must have the necessary means to offer this service in optimum conditions. The fact of having an action plan will greatly facilitate the agility of the service.

Make this strategy extensible to the entire company. It is important that all members of the organization know the brand’s firm purpose to satisfy its client, which favors its corporate image internally. On the other hand, they need to know what the company’s position is and how it solves the most common problems, so that everyone is prepared and able to act at a given moment, if they are faced with any of the situations described. It would even be feasible for them to see themselves in need of intervention and public action on behalf of the company. Social networks imply that all members of an organization are spokespeople for it; In a way they represent it with each of their actions.

Let the customer know at all times that he is being served. From the moment the client receives the request for the message, the client must be aware that it has been heard. Therefore, it would be advisable to let you know that your request has been processed, and in what process is, or what is necessary to solve it. That way you will not feel oblivious, and will show more patience when it comes to finding a solution to your problem.

Try to compensate the customer. It is a way of alleviating the consequences, of balancing the balance in favor of the company with some positive stimulus. In this way, a bad experience can have a happy ending, and even achieve customer loyalty.

Last but not least, do not forget the crisis plan. In addition to the customer service strategy, it is important to reserve a section that indicates what to do in an emergency, what serious situations can occur and the contacts of greater responsibility within the company to which you go in extremis.

Companies must consider that customer service in Social Media is an opportunity to foster relationships with customers. It is a practice that conveys confidence, both for customers and for other users who approach social profiles to know more about the brand

This trust, just as it is earned, can be lost. If your company is not able to offer an adequate service of customer service in Social Media you can have serious problems, that irremediably affect your online reputation.

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