Social Media: Being or Not Being

Today, it seems that brands are experiencing a new digital frenzy, similar to the one they lived years ago with the boom of websites.

When the Internet began its vertiginous growth, many, but many brands and companies turned to see what then represented a new finding in Marketing: the websites. After the excessive proliferation of websites, increasing Internet Abandonment Rates, and not so attractive metrics, some brands stopped to analyze what was happening.

Social Media Being or Not BeingToday, a similar situation is perceived in the digital world, but this time, related to the phenomenon of Social Media. Brands of virtually any category, product and service alike, all compete in the social arena.

Hundreds of thousands of brand pages, in dozens of languages, seek to captivate Internet users in pursuit of the much-desired “Like” or “Like”.

Although I understand the concept of innovating and being a leader, although it is clear to me that the Marketing budgets of companies look bigger in the digital area, I find it difficult to understand some decisions that are made by certain brands in relation to Social Networks.

Beyond being a Train Setter or an Early Adopter, I find it crucial that brands question some points, before joining Social Networks.

  1. Does my target use Social Networks? Which?
  2. What do you use them for? Does my product / service fit into the activities my target performs in Social Media?
  3. Why do I want to introduce my brand in Social Networks? What are my goals?
  4. How will I monitor and measure my performance indicators in Social Media?
  5. How does Social Media fit into my overall Digital strategy and within my overall Brand strategy?

I have a position: it is not mandatory to be on Social Media.

If we force our product or service in Social Media, without having a deep knowledge about our target and their digital consumption, without having a clear digital strategy which results in the activity in Social Media, we run the risk of not only Achieve the objectives achieved (in case we have raised objectives), but also we also run the risk of affecting our brand.

There are still many first generation websites out there. Obsolete sites, unrelated to the very nature of the medium, that do not respond to the current needs of the consumer.

Brand fever over Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other platforms is just beginning, but I’m beginning to see the first similarities with those websites in the late 90’s.

Trademarks “imposed” in Social Networks, with intrusive or little relevant activities for their respective targets. Not because making a post or a tweet is economic, it means that we should not dedicate the same professionalism and analysis, which we dedicated to the transmission of a television commercial or the publication of a full page notice.

As Internet consumption and particularly Social Media, continue to grow, consumer habits and habits will be changing. The Internet is perhaps the most dynamic medium that exists, and therefore, it is vital that our brands keep their eyes and ears open to detect new trends and listen to the consumer.

And when we have the dilemma or the temptation of Being or Not Being in Social Media, let us reflect and make a previous analysis to launch our products or services to the arena.

Our brands will thank you.

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