Social icons become indispensable to improve Email Marketing CTR

E-mails that include some type of social icons to share content or information, reach a CTR index higher by 158% (6.2% vs. 2.4%) than those that do not incorporate them, according to a study that has Been carried out by GetResponse. This figure represents a significant jump from the 115% that the same study obtained in its edition of last year.

Social icons become indispensable to improve Email Marketing CTRFacebook is the virtually omnipresent social network icon, with 99% of cases, followed by the Twitter icon 90% of times. Twitter has seen its presence almost doubling from year to year, with a presence of 45.3% in 2011. LinkedIn is the third presence, with 68.1% of cases, and a rise of 8.5% Compared to the previous year.

Companies that have tracked the results in the past year, would have verified how LinkedIn was the one who had obtained a better result, with 9.6%. This year, Linkedln is again in the lead again, with a CTR of 7.9% in e-mail sharing on certain specific social networks, well ahead of Facebook and Twitter (each with 6.2%), Google + (5.3%) and Pinterest (5%). These last social networks, new in the social environment, were present in 42% and 46% of those emails with social icons, respectively.

As a whole, among the e-mails that included social icons in their contents, 76% had at least 3, while 15% included 2, and 11% preferred to have only 1. This situation is a real tsunami with respect The previous year, where almost half included only 1 icon, and only 7.5% used 3 or more.

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