Google launches new tool to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertising

As you well know, the main advantage of online marketing can be measured. Despite this, many companies still had problems analyzing the profitability of their actions in mobile advertising. To solve this problem, Google has created a calculator that will allow companies to measure the impact of their campaigns on mobile devices.

Google launches new tool to measure the effectiveness of mobile advertisingThis tool of measurement, baptized as “Full Value of Mobile” includes in its site also interesting videos with advice and case studies of companies of diverse sectors, that will allow the advertisers to be able to take advantage of the potential of the mobile advertising better, increasing the conversion Of your ads. This calculator is included in HowToGoMo, the site of the Google factory, enabled by the company in order to facilitate the mobile optimization to the users.

Its main functions are based on offering simple guidelines to help advertisers better understand this medium, as well as what works best. Needless to say, this is not a magic formula, but it is a very valid starting point that can help a lot when optimizing the investment.

This is another initiative aimed at promoting the incorporation of mobile in the online marketing strategy. Johanna Werther, director of mobile advertising at Google highlighted in an article published in the corporate blog, prior to the launch of “Full Value of Mobile”, the great importance of mobile for users and how it has affected in their day to day. This smart device has changed the way consumers demand information, interact and also look for products that interest them and decide to buy. For this reason, companies must learn to think in mobile, know and interior the behavior patterns of users and adapt their message to this device; So that they appear as and when their target audience needs it.

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