How to boost your activity on Google+ effectively

In recent days I have frequented some classes, events and lectures on digital marketing and I am surprised to see how some people do not have clear theme Google+, mostly because they see it as a residual social network in which there are hardly active users. I am seeing this I would like to point out some issues:

  1. The new Facebook updates make reaching your fans organically is almost a utopia. Therefore, Google is an attractive alternative.
  2. SEO is crucial to be in Google+, and not just have a profile but being active. An example is that Google+ +1 are the most important element for SEO right now.

How to boost your activity on Google+ effectivelyHighlights of Google +

So quickly we leave the following numbers:

  • 1.15 Trillion Users (only have gmail account you already have created profile on Google+).
  • 359 million active users (36% of total).
  • 201 million access from mobile.
  • 62% of profiles are men.
  • Average age of users 25-34 years.

Most important of all is that these figures make it the 2nd social network by number of active users only behind Facebook.

Tips to enhance your business in google +

It is true that this network still has long way to go in terms of levels of participation and engagement with respect to users but everything will come, earned authority to go here I recommend:

  1. Designing a header: this is an initial step, works a little visual part. The head is large and you have the possibility to give a message that is your interest.
  2. It shares many pictures: if you browsed a bit you may have noticed that the resolution of the pictures is very good, higher than in other social networks. Thus giving the visual effect is very good and that you can use it to share your best pictures to get interactions with your audience.
  3. “Authorrank” This would become the “ownership” of information by Google. It means that you can dial in the content the author of it and communicate it so that it is linked. You can do it on a business page on Google+ or in a personal profile. Then they also will be in the Google search results to help:

– The SEO content.

– A drive traffic from Google to your Google+ profile.

  1. Being active in communities: Google + has many divided by thematic communities. What you can do is look for those that are related to your activity, send an invitation to join, read the rules of each community and actively participate in them. This will allow you to reach more people who are not in your circles.
  2. Export your contacts from Gmail: at first you are given this option to make your presence grow a little. It can also help to see who in the circles of friends and contact some users.
  3. Contact users with authority: try to locate the most relevant people in your industry and Contact them to let you know and look for any interaction with them.
  4. Local Option: If you have physical location you can point it out so that it is also set Google maps.

These are some of the options out there to slowly be gaining weight in this social network that will continue to talk. Google, with all the influence he is getting “all the stops” to make it so.

Do you think you have to give it a try really to Google+?

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