SEO Wins at Local Level: Key Priorities

Gone are the days of just having a website that runs in the background with some SEO in place. Instead, multiple marketing strategies need to be employed alongside the use of local SEO. Doing so helps put your business into a variety of channels and provides far better information to your customers.

SEO Wins at Local Level

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Here are just some of the futuristic tricks you can use to get your website ahead of the game:

Localise Your Blog

Instead of just having a blog that drones on about your company, its services and what you offer, use your blog to provide a plethora of information about the local area. Talk about what’s going on there, and make it a destination for local people to go to for valuable information.

Google My Business

Make sure you utilise Google My Business to its full advantage. Check that you have a complete profile, and track the links that are coming from this channel so you can convert these effectively.

Local Silos

If you’re not located in a particular area but you want to be appearing as a result here, you should start building local silos for these destinations. These help to create independent pieces of information that are centred on the area you want to target, and you can optimise these extensively to achieve higher rankings. Use links from other businesses that point to these silos, and write blogs about these areas, and you’ll climb up the ranks in no time.

Local Business Links

Local business links are another important source for your website. An SEO agency in Dublin, such as, will create inbound links from other sites that give authority to your website. Don’t look down your nose at certain websites (the little independent ones that use bog-standard clip-art) that other companies may dismiss, as these could provide your website with the authority links it needs. They’re revered in the local community for a reason, and this means their links are worthwhile; you’ll be getting one more link that your picky competitors aren’t utilising.

Google is placing increased emphasis on local searches, regardless of whether customers have searched for something in a local area or not. Businesses that are near their destination will be displayed first, so getting ahead in these local searches is your key to becoming top of the rankings.

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