The keys to be considered an excellent professional freelance

The model of freelance work is a reality, many professionals for various reasons, decides to enter this methodology that like everything in life, it has its positive side and a negative side.

We could go into the debate of why it has come to this:

– Is a necessary evolution focused on effectiveness, and related to cultures as “lean startup” goal – oriented?

– Is it a clear signal of the current instability of the market, which neither can nor wants to pay salaries or employee benefits?

The keys to be considered an excellent professional freelanceDepending on how you want to see end up in one of these findings:

– It is an opportunity that cannot be missed to be the master of your own destiny.

– To passed to freelance model because companies ask too many powers, for very low wages.

The keys to be considered an excellent professional freelance

If you aspire to be well considered within the “world freelance” I recommend you write down the following key points:

1- Adaptability to change: according to the time, you can go from having no work to go just overwhelmed. Fate is capricious in this regard and adapt every day will be one of your best weapons. If you do not like the changes this is not your way. Each variation may be a new opportunity).

2- Flexibility: each client is different: In fact, every job has its things or delivery. Therefore, it is very rigid methodologies can be a setback. As stated informally “left hand is needed” to manage your portfolio.

3- Your specialty is your passion: “It is said” the freelance professionals work long hours and at times a bit extreme at times. If you do not love what you actually do, it’s just a matter of time that you end up with stress and mood feet.

4- Constant Recycling: Freelance depends all the time themselves. Unable to often delegate certain tasks, learning must be continuous.

5- Getting value without entering into conflict: This may be one of the major complications. Many customers abusing some of the closeness that offers freelance and just asking for more responsibilities agreed. It is in these situations where you have to draw negotiating skills to set limits while please the customer.

6- Communication skills: When a project is long – term relationship with the client is established news and updates weekly. The freelance professional cannot let our guard down and know “sell” continually his “good work” in the project.

In short, the world is a freelance lifestyle, flexible schedules to the letter, somewhat unstable but exciting for anyone who wants to write in his own handwriting his way as a professional.

What is unquestioned ability for you to be freelance?

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