How a grease trap will help your business

The phrase grease trap might not mean much to you, but if you work in the catering sector it can be essential to have one of these fitted. Here we look at the benefits to your business of installing a grease trap and exactly what it is and how it functions.

How a grease trap will help your business

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What is a grease trap?

When substances containing fats, oils and greases (FOG) are poured directly down the sink they can clog up the system when they cool down, resulting in blockages. This issue can be a considerable problem for commercial businesses and fitting grease traps under sink systems collects the excess grease and enables the clean water to flow through.

Across the UK around £88 million is spent each year in clearing blockages and extra costs arise when flooding occurs, which are all added onto customers’ bills, so it pays to limit these episodes as far as possible.

Benefits of grease traps

Commercial properties will see many benefits of having grease traps under sink systems fitted, such as those available at

The main reason to have a trap installed is that it is the legal requirement to have some form of grease management system in place and it’s more efficient to have these built into the initial design stage.

How a grease trap will help your business2

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Another benefit of grease traps is that they help the environment, by limiting the amount of FOG that get into the water system. Being environmentally friendly as a business is a strong marketing statement and customers like to know that they are doing their bit to help maintain the environment.

A number of issues can arise for businesses that don’t have grease traps, which can be costly, time consuming and unpleasant to resolve. This includes blocked pipes and foul smells that can be damaging to your business if you have to close for a period of time.

The grease caught by the traps can be recycled which reduces overall costs, as well as eliminating wastage.

Once a grease trap has been fitted it will last for a considerable amount of time and the majority are manufactured from stainless steel, which makes them incredibly durable and easy to maintain.

These benefits of grease traps show how beneficial and cost effective they can be for a business, as well as showcasing the company in a positive light.

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