Keys to undertaking a successful adventure in social networks

Most brands already have a profile registered in a social network. However, when visiting their profiles, there is no appreciation of any dialogue or activity. They are those brands that have been launched to the adventure without taking into account the adverse effects of thinking that it is sufficient to be in this type of means.

Social networks should favor the rapprochement between the brand and its users; Be a means open to conversation, not another channel used for the mere purpose of launching campaigns and advertising messages. Although for many may be basic aspects, the truth is that there are still many companies that do not know what are the keys and important issues that should be considered and implemented when embarking on a successful adventure in the media and social networks.

Design a communication strategy in Social Media, depending on the objectives you intend to achieve and the resources you are going to allocate to this medium. It is about being clear about who you are, where you want to go and what you are going to do to achieve it. Do not leave your online presence in the hands of improvisation.

It has a content marketing strategy that includes as much corporate or product information as content related to the sector, relevant to your audience and actions to encourage them to participate. It is about enriching your profile with a varied offer, tailored to the interests of users.

Define your target audience, find out what interests you most and create opportunities to get your attention so that you can get closer to them. It is about that they feel affinity with the brand and want to know more about it.

It identifies the most active users, mentions and feeds their interest. Direct yourself to them, open a door to dialogue and try to get the conversation flowing. Once the initial barrier is over, if they feel comfortable with the brand, they will actively participate and contribute their contributions to keep your profile alive.

Monitor the social activity, both within your profile and throughout the 2.0. Find out what is said about your brand, which are the most relevant for your sector, which trends are the most demanded and include them in your content strategy. This will demonstrate that you are aware of what is being done in Social Media and will be for your followers a mandatory stop.

Participate in the conversation. The monitoring also serves to detect the comments and mentions to the mark. Do not miss the opportunity to intervene and respond to their interactions. They are a unique opportunity to win your followers and convert specific problems into opportunities, in order to be able to retain them.

Guide your message based on social conversation. Forget for a moment of your brand and focus on what interests your users. Show that you are there, you are one, you think like them and you care about their interests.

It encourages engagement. Empathize with your followers, create links and try to maintain your interest. Strive to surprise them, to offer them different things, to grow their sense of belonging to the brand.

Show responsiveness when they need you. You have to be prepared to act, detect in real time the call of attention by your community and attend to them as soon as possible, with an effective response. It is what your followers value most, that they can count on you when it really is necessary.

Do not settle for keeping up appearances, with covering the record in social networks; Shows that you are indeed, that you listen to your followers and you care about them. If you have decided to embark on adventure, at least try to make this trip really exciting and worthwhile.

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