The seven deadly sins of web design

Half of the challenge of creating a good website is nailing the original brief and specification, and a good website is one that actually works technically and for your visitors. What are the mistakes that lead to a bad website?

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It’s hard to use

If you have made a website that looks fancy but visitors aren’t actually getting to the page you need them to reach, it’s not working. Create a user flow that will encourage visitors to move around the website logically to encourage the behaviour that the website is designed for.

It never changes

For users and for search engines alike, there are few things that are worse than a website that never gets updated. The content will be out of date, and it can hurt your rankings in the search engine results. Use a local designer so updates can be made easily.

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It’s not mobile-friendly

More than half of internet searches are made online, so if your website does not work well on a mobile device, you’re unlikely to convert visitors. Make sure the website is responsive.

Hiring a friend of a friend

Do not try to save some money or be a good friend when you are choosing your web designer. You need to hire a professional who will understand the latest design trends and the technical requirements of a website, like making it SEO-friendly.

It’s not SEO-friendly

Speaking of SEO, the website needs to comply with the latest SEO techniques in order to help it rank for your keywords. This will be a mixture of on-page content and behind-the-scenes information like the meta details.

It is too slow

A clunky website that loads slowly on desktops or mobile devices will not perform as well as a quick website. Make sure your designer optimizes the website to load quickly.

No social integration

This is only relevant for companies that use social media, although who doesn’t in this day and age? Your website should feature links to your social media profiles, reviews, and latest tweets. This provides a way for prospects and customers to communicate with you.

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