Do you need a template or a bespoke business website?

If you’re thinking about investing in a website for your business, you might have heard the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘template’. But which is the best option for you?

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What is a website template?

While most websites look different at first glance, a deeper look will reveal that many have actually been built using a template, which can be used to build a website quickly and on a budget.

What are the advantages of website templates?

As this Forbes article explains, many elements go into the construction of a website. It isn’t always necessary to invest in a unique website, particularly as templates are now so advanced and can deliver a high-quality user experience. So, if you want a simple website that doesn’t need to offer any advanced functionalities, a website template could be a good option.

What is bespoke web design?

With the bespoke web design process, you will work with a website developer who will create your website based on your unique requirements and preferences.

What are the advantages of bespoke web design?

Bespoke websites are unique and customised according to a specific brief. So, when working with an experienced team specialising in web design Surrey or elsewhere, you can feel assured that your website will stand out for all the right reasons.

Teams delivering quality web design Surrey and across the country are also equipped to enhance the SEO of a unique website, which should help you to secure higher ranking positions in key search engine results pages.

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Bespoke websites also offer additional flexibility as you won’t be held back by a template. This also means that adding different functionalities to your website later on will be significantly easier, which will allow you to keep up with new trends and search algorithms.

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