The advantages of choosing a timber frame construction

In comparison to the most commonly used methods, timber frames outweigh their counterparts by far when you start looking at all the advantages. As the world is just at the dawn of the timber era in construction, the UK has already made timber frame construction one of its preferred contemporary methods of building.

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Timber as a sustainable construction solution

In the current environmental climate, the focus is on sustainability. Steel and concrete manufacture leave a huge carbon footprint and are hugely energy demanding to produce. In an attempt to lighten our environmental impact and curb the emission of CO2 gasses, we need to consider using less harmful materials like timber sourced from sustainable forests. Keeping in mind that timber frame construction has the lowest CO2 emissions of any of it competing commercial building methods, you will find that even your average timber frame construction company is consciously trying to promote the benefits of choosing a timber frame. In the very slow paced race towards zero emissions the timber industry can, according to already offer many solutions.

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Sustainable forestry

Even the harvesting of timber has its environmental benefits. To optimise the absorption rate of CO2 gasses, older trees that have decreased their absorption capacity, are periodically harvested. This makes way for new trees with stronger abilities to extract CO2 from the atmosphere.

Offering sufficient insulation

Timber frame houses are known to have high levels of thermal insulation and offer comparatively higher sustainability in terms of design. Bills can sufficiently be reduced by the fact that these houses are less reliant on central heating and thus cut down on emissions by the lower consumption of fossil fuels. This is a major consideration when designing a new build home and it is advisable to get hold of a reputable company such as for the best advice when choosing a timber frame.

Waste reduction

The unique quality of timber frame construction is that it can be constructed off-site and reduce on-site waste. This also saves time when it comes to actual on-site construction.

The age old method of timber frame construction is turning out to be one of the most contemporary solutions to the environmental challenges we face today. It is a method that is being embraced by architects the world over to design sustainable urban and commercial structures.

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