Nestlé bets on QR codes to improve nutritional information

In a worldwide campaign to improve the nutritional information of its products, the Swiss multinational is including QR codes in the packaging of all its products. The information will also include other details on social and environmental impact following the example of other brands such as McDonald’s that recently manifested its commitment to QR codes to offer information about its products.

British merchants will be the first to receive the products already with the new packaging. Consumers who purchase a multipack of two chocolate bars Kit Kat will be able to scan the code with their Smartphone and find out their composition, nutritional properties, how they interact with a balanced diet and lifestyle, and how they are made.

From Vevey, Switzerland, Nestlé spokesperson Philippe Aeschlimann comments, “We have a considerable amount of information about the nutritional values ​​and the social and environmental impact of our products, and it makes sense to share it with consumers.”

“We believe QR codes are the right way to do this, because they allow useful information to be shared with consumers easily and attractively,” he continues.

Smartphone users who scan the QR codes of Nestlé packets will be directed to a website where they will be able to access all the detailed information about the products that, due to lack of space in most of the packages, is not usually available.

These pages will also include other information on consumption, recipes, how much energy and water are needed in their manufacture, etc.

The Nestlé initiative follows the recent MacDonald’s, which has begun to include QR codes with nutritional information in its products.

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