Key and essential aspects of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social networks are an important tool for online marketing. Its great advantage lies in its ability to reach the target audience and encourage engagement unobtrusively. Therefore, before launching into “brand building” in Social Media, should act on a strategy, properly planned.

In order to design an effective social media strategy, it is important to consider those essential elements that will help us take care of all the details and know how to act at all times:

Before starting to make an appearance on social networks, should make a priority, from which, we can begin to trace the path that will lead us to him. Of course, prior to choosing any communication channel 2.0, we must consider whom we address. Knowing our audience. This approach is the basis for success of our campaign. If we know well our partner, we will know which language to adopt, what their preferences and needs. Special features that will guide us in approaching our actions.

Key and essential aspects of a Social Media Marketing StrategyStudy and know the product well. Is there any special quality that makes our product or service? What elements or characteristics we can highlight?What is different from the competition? From this analysis we can determine which attributes we can highlight our strategy and present work mode.

Exploit the social power of the brand . Social networks allow convey our brand personality, those values and qualities that make it unique and special, and with which the target audience feels identified. This attitude also encourage brand recognition, and take you apart from the competition.We can not forget that social networks are open to conversation channel, where users approach to discover and share content, and where aggressive reject messages and desperate attempts by bring brands to buy. It is therefore important to know what to say in social networks, who we target and how we deliver our message.

Proper management of social networks means having professionals .The voice of the brand in the online environment can not be left to people not conscientious in its project nor qualified to perform such a great task.This activity may fall into the hands of a single person, or require an entire department. Always it depends on the strategy, brand and available resources. It is advisable to always adapt the strategy to the budget and set priorities and achievable and measurable goals.

It is not necessary nor advisable to be in all social networks . When select which channels to develop the strategy of Social Media channels should choose based on the above – mentioned aspects. Everything depends on the goal, the audience to which we are headed, and what our resources are. The fact that Facebook is the social networking giant, does not require us to focus our strategy on it. If you have an ecommerce and headed women probably be our main destination options.

What, how and when to act on social networks? Before answering these questions, it is clear that each brand is different , so there are no universal laws that guarantee us success. However, we can take into account various aspects, although it is always advisable to try different options, in order to draw own conclusions and adapt the strategy.

Thus, it is important to know that the picture triumphs in social networks . Publications pictures can record up to 53% more Likes and 104% over comments on Facebook, or 150% more than retuits. An activity that translates into sales, 92.6% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on the visual component of both the product itself and its communication.

Moreover, the saturation is one of the main reasons why users fail to follow a brand. It is therefore appropriate to design a publication schedule in order to control the content that is broadcast, and analyze the most appropriate schedule for performances in each social network. Thus, for example, Facebook should not share more than 2 daily publications.Meanwhile, Twitter is much more flexible is recommended here even several times a day to send the same content, yes, varying the message of the tweet.

As for the time and frequency of publication , there is no foolproof manual so we must resort to trial and error. For reference, our experience indicates that the subject and the online behavior of users also determines the scope of actions. For example, the first thing in the morning is ideal for transmitting information, Twitter being the ideal for this channel. On theother hand, users relax at noon, and consult other entertainment content, turning to Facebook to keep abreast of the latest publications of his acquaintances. An activity that also perform late in the day, when also actively seeking information on products and offers. The ideal to make an appearance Pinterest moment.

As we see, there is no foolproof way to act in social networks, although a number of basic and essential premises that guide us when it comes to knowing how to develop our online presence recipe, and the unwritten rules of action and behavior in these media always focusing our efforts on meeting customer needs and provide a positive experience with the brand


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