The Importance of Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning

It can be easy to forget all about the ductwork systems in a commercial kitchen. After all, there is so much else going on that the inner workings of kitchen extracts are probably one of the last things to cross your mind. Kitchen ventilation systems are used to remove grease, odours, vapours and hot steam that comes from the kitchen. This helps the kitchen staff to operate more efficiently and for the environment to remain as hygienic as possible. If the kitchen ductworks are properly cleaned and maintained, the kitchen is a pleasure to work in. However, failure to keep up with the regular cleaning regime results on poor productivity and an increased fire risk in your establishment.

The Importance of Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning

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Grease Build-Up

Because one of the main duties of kitchen extraction systems is to remove grease, it is not unusual for this grease to build-up inside the system. This doesn’t cause any problems at first, however, if left for a longer period of time, all of that grease becomes the perfect fuel to start an accidental fire. This can lead to a fire spreading into the kitchen and even into other rooms of the building via the ductwork. Cleaning your kitchen ductworks helps to ensure that the amount of grease is kept to a minimum.

Regular Cleaning

The amount of times you must clean or hire a professional to clean your kitchen extraction system and/or the ductworks largely depends on how often your kitchen is in use. For example, a kitchen that is in operation for the larger part of the day will need to carry out more cleaning regimes than a smaller kitchen that is only open for a few hours etc. Obviously, more grease will accumulate in the extract systems of the first kitchen rather than the second.

According to, kitchen ventilation systems help to “moderate the temperature” inside the establishment. As a result, you will end up saving money on your cooling and heating costs. Of course, the ventilation and ductworks won’t be able to get their job done right if you fail to have them cleaned on a regular basis.

Duct Cleaning Newcastle companies such as, will be able to clean your kitchen ductworks and extraction systems without getting in the way. This ensures that your kitchen is a safe and comfortable environment to work in.

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