What is the secret of the big winners of ecommerce?

E – commerce is one of the major business trends that has fueled the network. In recent years, the volume of purchases made using the Internet has grown steadily. In fact, the e – commerce grows at a rate of 10% per quarter , a very high figure and that very few business ventures can match or exceed.

Part of the success of e-commerce in general is on the specific success of the adventures of ecommerce in particular that have helped consumers to rely increasingly on the network and have managed to set a range of values associated brand to the environment online purchases that have helped entire segment.

But what were the secrets of those who have seized large successful companies ecommerce? For many of these companies, the secret has been in the focus on a particular point, a strategic business decision that has become part of its essence and in one of its values – not to say its main value – of brand. The brands that have achieved success in e-commerce have boosted something that has made them different, special, and that has allowed them to reach the consumer, convince and capture.

What is the secret of the big winners of ecommerceThe search for niche

One of the secrets of e – commerce is its potential to reach highly targeteados markets with a very specific product. It is one of the advantages of the network: internet has changed how we buy and how companies reach their consumers, boosting the list of offers cover all possible demands. It is what is called economy and understand the long tail is one of the keys to survival hopefully to the network.

Some of the great successes of ecommerce have achieved success thanks exactly that. The boom of the table oranges coming from the farm to your door (and there is a village in Valencia that there may be more sellers of oranges online than any other business) began with the success that a first seller was finding the niche and the public who wanted to buy it.Consumers wanted to be more natural than those bought in the supermarket and they were a product valued proximity oranges. Someone knew how to answer them. 

But what it is offered there to give variety

Of course opt for a niche market does not mean you only need to sell a product. Consumers want to have a wider range than a few entries and companies aspire to prescribers in that particular market in which they are moving. Prescriber is impossible to be a matter if the impression that dominates the territory is given. Having variety of products to sell is so important to create a good brand image, so that the consumer will go convinced that found with the best offers.

No need to change sample. Barrabés can cover all possible needs for lovers of mountain sports, from readings associated to a comfortable pants for climbing.

Customer service

It matters little that a comprehensive catalog has or ever designed a very functional web if, at the time of truth, customer service leaves much to be desired. Zappos is one of the success story of e-commerce industry in recent years at international level and one that has made customer service its fundamental element. The brand image is definitely associated with that value: no matter what happened, Zappos will be there to help during the process.

How they have succeeded? They have always tried to maintain a positive and optimistic image (in fact, its CEO, Tony Hsieh, is one of the managers who believe in happiness as the ultimate business value) and have become the customer at the center of its strategy. To know they know how the customer feels when it receives a packet.

You have to know your customer

Knowing the customer and know what you are going to want is indeed one of the key points for success in the field of e-commerce. The new technological tools that allow emptying data and draw conclusions from them (what is called the big data), are helping many large firms ecommerce better know your customers.

Anticipate their needs has been, for example, part of the secret of the success of Amazon. One of the most important parts of your website is the recommendation system. It works spectacularly well in the case of books.Amazon learns from purchases of their customers, their readings and evaluations that rises to the web of the books you have bought and read (if you also read on Kindle, the volume of data that could potentially know your buyer is much greater) to recommend new readings. And, although it has the charm of traditional booksellers, most of the time is right.

No matter geographically

Until the advent of internet, the place where a business would find could make up his success or failure. A specialty shop had many more chances to survive in the big city than in a small town. It seemed the epicenter (or the only place, actually) from which you try to launch something and win. But the network has eliminated geographical requirements. All places are valid and all you need is a good connection to the network.

But be quick

But while geography no longer marks the spot where you must be a company, it is true that speed is a basic element in triumph. It is important to be close, therefore, a good communications node if you are going to sell are tangible goods, as the next big challenge facing companies ecommerce (and what can make them succeed or fail) are the times delivery. The border is now increasingly below 24 hours.

And companies must be innovative

Ecommerce companies must seek innovation, should be disruptive and should get something different. Innovation is the key to survival in many markets, but it is vital in the case of e-commerce because it may be the only way to differentiate.

It happened, for example, Vente-Privée. The company was the first and was the one who actually found the innovation model to market fashion (its success made the imitations were multiplied exponentially). Could see the problem that had the marks of the sector (excess stock off-season), the consumer (wanted to buy expensive brands but at a good price) and how to join it (a club private shopping and so exclusive that sold about what he had plenty of others).

Do not let inertia end up with a good idea

Many times there are elements that did not work in the past or business issues that folklore says that will not work in the network. You can not use that as an absolute truth when you are talking business: the inertia of the market should not end up with a good idea and should always reanalyze what is believed. It is true that start in a niche market that had bad results in the past can make it more difficult to position a brand, but it may be worth the effort.

It happened with companies coupons. The online coupons were not new when Groupon hit the market and took him with the same intensity as a storm. It was an instant success (subsequent failure should be analyzed in another chapter, because it is not so much the business model but the abuse of it), but previous attempts had not succeeded. The others had arrived when the network was not mature enough.

Trust in the social media

And of course, the secret of success, like almost everything on the internet, through the social media. All adventures have succeeded in e-commerce have a full and effective presence in social networks. Their profiles serve as speaker of its benefits but also as a tool to solve the problems of its consumers.

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