Talent; pragmatic creativity

This time a written strictly specific marketing or communication not I bring you as usual. Today my thoughts go to the changing situation where talent, shared commitment and creativity all harmonically combined must be the best marketing plan that our companies should build to meet eficientement a new model with the times of futurization ahead.

If people think, we reflect, study, know, know why we say we are a Human Resource? Begin to combine professional interests with individual and cultural needs of each individual. See and give the freedom to pair them with the Mission and Values of the company or organized team. Hear the opinions and that they be valued independently of the role which each one or each in the company.

Talent; pragmatic creativityTALENT; Pragmatic CREATIVITY

One day a king went to visit the construction of the cathedral of his reign. He saw three workers, who, separately, polishing a stone escarpment and hammer.

Asked the first; “? What you’re doing,” he replied, “Your Majesty, I am making a living”. To the same question, the second said, “Your Majesty, I am a big stone polishing to leave perfect, to be the best of the stones”. And by asking the third he replied; “His Majesty’m building a cathedral.”

Of the three, the third was the one who had a global vision and commitment to his work and had the response that is involved in the project business, which it lives and it is clear that the great VALUE is the cathedral and MISSION build it. The VISION, a person with great talent.

For me this marketing view of the facts is what today requires the business world in order to face the future towards which we go. A future where unconventional thinking has to put us into a new economic, social, cultural and environmental paradigm; a future where knowledge and talent have to play the big role from individual DNA.

Talent or Talent detection have been part of all HR programs that specialized in personnel management consultants have sold our businesses.Managers have thought that finally they know and to know who are the best in your business, but if we are sincere discover that management programs Talent, for managers, end up operating more like a budget and control of people as a means to attract, motivate and retain valuable people.We’ve been stuck with the idea “Control = Power” and the disappointments have been spectacular.

We are living a few days where all, or many, we fill our mouths to bet on innovation to get ahead in the new times ahead. Creativity and Innovation … okay but innovation how, where and what? Within my modesty, I think the main innovation we have to apply in the management of enterprises.’Innovemos Management !! Consider that currently the company management is still configured with the same structure as in the days when Henry Ford created the first vehicle factory. Seventy years ago we have the same model of a commanding and direct and others working under orders, thinking little, with little margin for error and to earn a living. But when paint coarse, is the human resource to the street to reduce expenses.President, CEO CEOs and middle managers to command and direct. The others work, pay and be a Human Resource.

If people think, we reflect, study, we know, we know why we have to be a Human Resource? Here’s where I think things should start changing. Learn to detect, trust and retain talent. TALENT for me equals FREEDOM. Born of freedom and we must manage the values of the companies giving freedom.And those are the values, knowledge and talent.

Speaking with the president of a large multinational company, he confessed to me: “We ‘re down 22 percent sales, we need to reduce costs but can not afford to take anyone into the street that would give the principal value of my company” and added ” in times of fat cows, fat in companies installed in structures as cholesterol, what we are doing is to remove cholesterol diet “ .He spoke of more than 20,000 people worldwide.

We bet once and for all with strength and daring for a radical change in the predominant profiles; attitudes and performance criteria to make way for others closer, empathizes, female-male, transparent, communicative, flexible, positive, binders, stimulating, innovative, generous, focused teams, loyal with managers and vice versa. COMMITTED TO MISSION, CULTURE AND VALUES COMPANY SUSTAINABILITY. It’s time to be consistent with respect to a method of how to organize, rather than a mentality of organization.

Begin to combine professional interests with individual and cultural needs of each individual, see and give the freedom to pair them with the Mission and Values of the company or organized team. Hear the opinions and that they be valued independently of the role which each one or each in the company.

We do not know what the new paradigm but we know that will be very different and, of course, knowledge is imposed as a method of economic operation will therefore be imperative not have the curriculums and yes with the talent and ability to engage people understanding that their individual interests, based on the wisdom itself, can interact without any corset within the business organization or professional structure.

Creative freedom, team discussion about any variables that impact on work efficiency, acceptance of individual thoughts, the participation of the company in the work activities of its components … is in this area where the talent evolves and it develops. We create the optimum conditions for each participant in the business feel that this project and the project, part of his thinking.

With talent retention, any unexpected you can fix any and customers know bulwark talk to who will talk with people who bring a global view on relationships, knowledge and experience. We struggled to break with the conventional method of management, but new steps in recent times have shown us that with this formula have gained in efficiency.

Personally speaking I do not think Talent is synonymous with talking about the best, but if the Pragmatic Creators.

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