How to discover a true professional of social media through their virtues?

On many occasions, many companies in their quest for social media professionals pose different profiles according to their own needs and objectives. These professionals must however meet a number of requirements and outstanding knowledge.

In many cases, the selection process used to try to discover among the different candidates, those whose virtues and qualities may be evidence that they are at the perfect candidate to delegate a great responsibility to represent and defend so committed to your brand media and social networks. A complicated and not simple task that requires above all be clear, what those qualities are.

Beyond training and technical knowledge of this new parallel universe, companies are aware of the real need to find professionals who also meet a number of features in its forms of behavior and their ability to face all kinds of challenges and problems. But what defines and what aspects that really differentiate and add value to a true professional social media and what their strengths are they?

How to discover a true professional of social media through their virtuesIt is aware of its great responsibility

Be the voice representing a company or brand in social networks requires great responsibility and commitment. True professionals are aware that their actions and reactions should be measured and controlled considering the bad performances or wrong answers before possible complaints and expressions of others, they may end up causing major problems.

A good professional social media like nobody knows how to listen

To generate greater engagement the first step is always listening. If customers the trouble to contact you take, it’s because they really need, and trust that they will get an answer. Therefore, you have to pay attention and address their requests. But it is not just to listen but also to listen. The listening involves many different aspects that we know how to manage with the aim of optimizing positive results through our actions and behaviors to achieve well, greater confidence, interest or attention.

Selling is not your top priority

Let’s face it, companies want to sell and that is always a part of their objectives. However, social media professionals are not sellers. However, their role may end up being essential when dealing with customers seeking help or have had a bad experience with the products or services of the company. Your job is to facilitate the process to speed up the solution of problems and this may serve to maintain levels of fidelity, commitment and trust to the possibility of losing angry customers that can even lead to major problems or genuine reputation crisis on-line.

She loves to share 

Social media professionals develop multiple and different tasks, but not only dedicated to spend time waiting for someone to claim them or problems arise. They are also those who can energize social profiles sharing relevant information and content that may pique the interest of fans of brands. One way to enrich these profiles to give rise to collective interaction and participation.

The Don of relations and dialogue. Always ready to respond

It is true that it is often better not to say anything if we have nothing important to say. However, social media professionals should also be aware of the importance of maintaining these relationships, transmitting brands also have a human profile. Profiles brands often are a sea of doubts, questions and important issues that can not go unanswered. Therefore, these professionals must always be open to dialogue and willing to provide answers at times given.

Temperance and patience

Sometimes, users and fans of brands can show their emotions and discomfort of a repeated and quite altered form. Many users and customers demanding defend their reason being shown in the search for answers to solve their problems. In others, unfortunately even unethically or inappropriately, and sometimes can incite not respond in a proper way.Temperance and patience are here the cardinal virtues that must be applied to manage such situations.

The ability to work in teams

While it is true that many times, a professional social media may seem a lonely man before a peculiar crusade, it is clear that its work is also conditional on its capacity and the company itself, to coordinate between different areas and departments in which it may lie the key to solve certain problems. You may even his management of social networks, requires all team work with to know understood and coordinated.

Beyond social networks

It is true that social networks are the natural habitat of these professionals.However, each day is more common and recommended that these professionals also have the ability to use other channels and means to interact with users and customers time. should not be a problem, writing an email or pick up the phone to speak to a supplier or customer influencer requires more personal attention. Social relations were not invented from social networks, rather the contrary, they are a natural consequence of the need of human beings to interact and share with others. Therefore, a good professional in this area it must also be a level offline, and know how and where to move across borders 2.0

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