Smartphone users enjoy with viral videos

Online video is positioned as a way to enjoy audiovisual content leisure time. 3 out of 4 users and consume online videos. 57% of them can spend between 1 and 5 hours per week to this activity.

The computer is still preferred by 87% of users device, but mobile devices are gaining ground. 35% of users uses their smartphone for viewing this content, along with 23% of the tablet.

Smartphone users enjoy with viral videosSmartphone users enjoy with viral videos

61% of the videos that play smartphone owners in your device has a high viral component. The leisure is present in 48% of these productions. On the other hand, 41% of these videos is informative, instructive (24%) or is television programs (17%) and movies (14%).

Videos that are played on tablets are mainly leisure

The content of entertainment is the most demanded by users of tablets (48%), followed by news (45%) and viral videos (44%). Television programs have a greater presence among the public than in the case of the smartphone (40% vs 17%), as in the case of movies (34% vs 14%). This is a device that allows a better experience with this type of content, mainly due to increased screen size.

View this willingness on the part of users to consume video entertainment content, it is not surprising that also highlight the leisure through the advertisements that cause a greater impact among users. 37% of the most memorable ads was related to leisure. Followed at some distance consumer goods and financial products (17%) and automation (15%).

These users share and discuss their videos via social networks (87%). 46% of users play the shared contacts through 2.0 channels videos. 51% of them are women. It stresses that the youngest are also those who most interact with online video (64%).

How long are consumed videos online?

The data show that depends on the device, but in general terms we can say that short videos are those with more acceptance. 81% of videos played via the smartphone takes less than 30 minutes, as 69% of those consumed through tablets, or 66% of those who played through the computer.

Longer videos found its audience among users of smart TV (46%). A target still low (14%), but can be an important niche market.

Definitely, online video is a content with a high rate of demand among Internet users, who enjoy sharing fun, viral and short-lived creations, mainly. Features that are readily applicable to audiovisual content strategy of brands. It’s all about sharpening the wit and creativity squeeze. Social media will do the rest.

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