Keys to ‘socialize’ shops and businesses to the emerging showrooming

Surely you’ve noticed the tendency in this time to practice the ‘showrooming’. Many stores have become a tester just because the customer, after testing or learn more about the desired article, search the internet and buy it cheaper. According to the Economist this fact generates 50% of online purchases.

Have you ever come into a perfume, smelled the colonies and then purchased online at a much cheaper price? Or have you gone to a photo shops, about the qualities of each model and then purchased online? … Or have you seen a very cool dress, you’ve tasted the size and finally bought much cheaper online? etc. If so you are a ‘showroomer’.

Keys to 'socialize' shops and businesses to the emerging showroomingThis means nothing less than physical stores have to inseparable achieve greater success with sales. There are also reverse cases, as in the case of Nexpreso started as an online store and had to abridgements physical because his studies indicated that it was necessary. This means it is important to combine both, ie that traditional stores have to modernize and adapt to the times in which we live.

Tips to ‘socialize’ shops and businesses

  • Make a study and look at what they ask all those who then leave without buying: what are the products of choice are, what interests them etc.
  • also scans Internet and social networks how these products are sold in competition, at what price and how (types of actions and promotions).
  • Based on the conclusions you brought in the two previous points: performs counteroffer.
  • Platform integrates online and offline that have and takes advantage of each.
  • Create a mobile application to support your offline sales but at the same time allow online purchase.
  • Communicates in a clear way that your business is also on social networks, ie power your online sales in the physical store. For this you can use posters that encourage them to go.
  • Use the comments users to ‘personalize’ your physical store.
  • Creates a powerful service customer. Customers feel supported and given more credential stores that offer good customer service.
  • Customize much social networks, although talk of store products.Account personal experiences of customers, do not do it from the point of view that you are a store and want to sell. If you hire a Community Manager, you must be aware of everything, both online and offline. The day to day business has to know like the back of his hand, so that it can fully reflect on social networks and humanizing, that is what it is.

Be sure success

  • It offers unique products to stand out from other stores. For example adds value to your purchase offered in your social networks plus a course, test a product, an e-book interesting, increases security or allows the return.
  • Make sure the online buying process is easy and convenient, because the shopping experience is very important.
  • Delivery a coupon with data from your social networks and website customers who leave without buying, so you can consider online shopping in your store.
  • It offers WiFi network to your customers as it is a way to improve the user experience. Besides this way you have a great opportunity to get leads, since most users provide their e-mail in exchange for access. Then you can send these customers with information related to your actions.
  • Optimizes the web for viewing mobile phones.
  • Performs actions in the store who believe sensations after sharing in social networks. For example a free makeup session in exchange for sharing photos through Instagram.
  • Use the QR codes in several ways: Amplifies know those products more interested users; directs users to your social networks where you have prepared some action or allow access to a microsite where you will also find tips using the product in question;
  • Of course your digital identity must appear everywhere: in the shop windows, inside the store, the bags and of course in the cards.

The key is a good combination of merging the physical store with part of social networks and the web. A good development of experiential marketing, that is based on the experience of users in the purchase.

The next step to ‘showrooming’ is the ‘visual shopping “…., Which is nothing other than visually recognize through mobile what you’re looking to buy online without the need to track … an example of this Simplify which is a app now available for iPhone. What it does is that from an image uploaded by the user, search and compare shoes.

What do you think these techniques? Thank you for giving me your valuable feedback and for sharing!

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