Users interact with mobile advertising more weekends

Comes the weekend, a few days ahead to disconnect, to do something different, to enjoy a little company who prefer. A period of relaxation before which advertisers are rubbing their hands. This emerges from a new study by Adform, whose data reveal that users are up to 7% more likely to click display ads during that period.

Users interact with mobile advertising more weekendsAccording to the Quarterly Media Barometer Adform, a significant increase in the rate of clicks on display ads seen during the weekend. A period during which addition the cost of these ads is up to 12% lower than on weekdays, according to this study on trends in display advertising. In addition, customers these days are in “buying mode”, so it is more likely to increase conversions, thus achieving a higher return on investment.

Another prominent figure Adform work is increasing investment in real-time bidding (RTB) in recent months. 92% of companies intensified their presence this summer, although rates have increased by 30% its CPM. This summer season has also been particularly good for advertisers, as consumers spent more time interacting with ads (12 seconds), and an increase in the participation rate of 14%. These are good times for digital advertising, especially driven by mobile devices.

Specifically, investment in mobile advertising (RTB) has experienced a growth of 67%, although it still represents a small portion of the digital advertising pie, only 5%. A trend that is expected to go in crescendo. This same source collected in the first wave of the year that mobile investment in RTB was 2.1% of the total, so it has more than doubled the bet advertisers in just 6 months.

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