Where the content Marketing headed?

Search engines reward good content, users and customers as well. Not much to discuss an upward trend: 27,000 pieces of content are published every day, from the most diverse sources. Companies have taken to generate content to keep up and prevent some clever competitor the market provide better coma know what consumers want. Content marketing is here, for some time, but where do you head?

Arnie Kuenn, digital Lang Marketing magazine has compiled the views of some of the leading experts in the marketing industry.

For Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler),  and l future of content marketing is personalization. No customization we are content simply spraying the Web waiting for someone to stay, or to any stay, rather.

Tactics pour and pour contents are very outdated and need to annihilate them. Personalization means distributing the appropriate (and relevant) content to individuals in need (not those who do not), at the right time (when they want or need), in the language they prefer and on the device they have chosen (not in which we imagine they use).

Where the content Marketing headedThe future of content marketing goes through something very much needed today. Sustainability  Margot Bloomstein of  Appropriate, Inc. emphasizes that  e n instead of focusing on the latest and innovative tool or channel, intelligent and ethical marketers, is they focus on producing less content, but higher quality and flow through the channels. That is the goal of content that fits like responsive design and that is the future of a strategy of smart and sustainable marketing.

For his part, Bernie Borges , CEO of Find and Convert, is clear in stating that the future of marketing is not content to go it alone, what Andrew Davis calls “Brandscaping”. Marketers who collaborate with one or more brands to provide relevant content experience, they capture attention and engagement.

The line between ad and content are blurred. The key content is sponsored leverage the reach and trust have another brand to produce together a really attractive content.

There are many ways Brandscaping. An effective way and used to gain popularity is sponsored content. Any brand can make Brandscaping with Linkedin or Facebook sponsoring a post. Or you can sponsor a webinar with industry association or an influencer.

Heidi Cohen, another recognized  expert in digital marketing,  points out that content marketing will continue to evolve, more and being more focused on a specific target, by the confluence of social networks, and mobile content. In the process, as has happened to other forms of more mature marketing professionals they have to align their efforts with business objectives oriented metrics and incorporate sales and profits to achieve those goals.

The shift has three implications: Segmentation: efforts must be geared to generate content for a segmented target; Context: the location and time of day in which the user connects determine the type of content and form. So it must respond to the information needs throughout the buying cycle and adapt to a variety of devices and sizes finally Testing: as mature content marketing, improvements will be very small and will need to try different ways of present with multivariable test or test A / B.

Barry Feldman, Feldman Creative, indicates that the next step and challenge for any content publisher or marketer, is to win consumer confidence in the noise generated by the huge amount of content. We’ll see how the fascination falls popularity and is replaced by a commitment based on trust elations.

The marketing will not benefit strictly larger numbers, but of greater engagement and brand loyalty. It is impossible not to how much how Google is moving toward an increasingly based on the social media system.That’s because they know that users really seeking sources that can be trusted.

Still others point out that content marketing is having a reception at a pace so fast that the future is stand out above the crowd. In this regard,  they Ran Fishkin, CEO of Moz , states that currently is not a very difficult task with relative quality content we be above the huge noise generated there.But what works today will be below the minimum of a few years. The advice for marketers is to go ahead of that trend reversing big and not falling behind more varied but less valuable pieces.

Robert Rose of the  Content Marketing Institute says that in the short term (3-5 years), the future of content marketing is the ability of companies to be agile with the transformations and their ability to generate experiences of differentiated content the consumers. And while it will be much more relevant to businesses and consumers the content filtering through social networks and search algorithms themselves.

In the long term (5-10 years), as the lines between paid media, earned and owned diluted, companies will have to invest in differentiated content and experiences, rather than innovation and product development. Successful companies will focus on competing for the loyalty of its customers with content strategies.

Content marketing in the future will be based on the same pillars as always: a good listener, a powerful business communication and pedagogy. As says Marcus Sheridan (The Sales Lion), l as companies that made this 100 years ago are those that were more successful with their marketing and they do today are the case studies of marketing books; and to do so in the future will be leading the flock. The platforms on which content is served vary over time, but the pillars are the same.

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