The industries that offer the highest salaries for electrical engineers.

The prospects for careers in electrical engineers have never been better. New industries and processes are revolutionising today’s marketplace, with industries becoming increasingly competitive when it comes to finding high-quality candidates.

The industries that offer the highest salaries for electrical engineers.

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Electrical engineers generally earn well above the national average, with an average salary range of £35,000 to £64,000. There are a number of growing industries that tend to offer the highest salaries in this band for entry-level graduates and excellent prospects for career advancement.

Robotics and automation.

Robotics and automation of industry is a field that has an increasing demand for electrical engineers and this is only likely to grow. Robotic engineers design and develop automation systems, control systems, and improve and streamline the manufacturing process. As automation replaces human workers across industries, the need for engineers who can design robotic technologies means competitive salaries and excellent career prospects for well-qualified graduates.

Aerospace and defence.

Working in aerospace and defence is a very lucrative career option in today’s marketplace. Graduate-level trainees can expect a competitive salary, with opportunities to design electrical control components or flight control systems or to test advanced defence systems. In the US, there are even opportunities in the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) that offer great career prospects in addition to working with some of today’s most cutting-edge electrical technology.

Computer hardware.

There is always a high demand for electrical hardware engineers and simply not enough electrical engineers coming out of our universities to meet this demand; indeed, demand for engineers in all industries far outstrips supply. While demand for hardware engineers will eventually peak, it does offer a highly competitive salary. When you incorporate signal processing technology that requires advanced mathematical understanding and designing electrical control components, you can see why companies such as IBM and Osmelectrical electrical control components supplier always need excellent candidates.


One industry that is likely to be a growing market is the automotive industry, with increasingly complex electronic engineering required as a new generation of ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) come online. Automation of lighting, adaptive cruise control, brakes, navigation and mobile connectivity is being followed closely by semi-autonomous vehicles (SAV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) systems.

The demand for electrical engineers is going to be very high in the coming years.

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