The invitation to social activity in online ads promotes consumer interaction

Companies that include elements of social activity and engagement in their ads, get consumers to interact more closely with their brands on social platforms, according to the results of a recent study by Burst Media, the digital solutions agency.

In their study, Burst Media has found that 61% of consumers claim that online digital advertising has led them to interact with a brand in social media, leading to digital advertising to be placed above any other format.

The invitation to social activity in online ads promotes consumer interactionAmong participants in the study who have an immediate memory of the presence of social media in advertising, digital ads (61%) and television ads (58.7%) are seen as the most effective way to boost interaction with The social platforms of brands, whether through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Then there are printed advertisements (52.4%), radio (41.5%) and outdoor advertising (39.4%).

Responses to appeals to social participation are higher among the younger age groups (18-34) and women.

“Especially in the digital realm, both display and mobility, and sponsored online content campaigns that include appeals to social media activity, can spread viral and exponentially reaching more consumers through status updates, likes, , Tweets, pins and many other elements, “says Mark Kafer, marketing director of Burst Media.

Of the more than 2,500 consumers interviewed in the study, two-thirds (65.4%) had at least one social account for their personal use. Facebook (53%) was the most popular, followed by Google+ (25.6%).

Calls to social action are also finding a high level of response for companies that use email in their campaigns. Last April, a GetResponse study found that emails that include a social engagement button get CTRs that are 158% higher than those that do not. (6.2% versus 2.4%).

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