Teaching others to drive

A driving instructor has to be a very patient individual who is able to teach people to develop the skills and knowledge they need to pass their driving test. Let’s take a look at the qualities needed if you’re thinking of a career in driving tuition. For Wellingborough Driving Lessons, visit http://promotion-driving.co.uk/driving-lessons-in-wellingborough/.

The first thing that you’d be required to do is become an approved driving instructor before you can teach anyone. Driving instructors are checked every four years to ensure that standards are maintained in the skills and teaching methods. But if you want to get started then here’s the qualities you will have to possess:

  • The ability to communicate well, effectively and give clear instructions.
  • The ability to react quickly and safely to any problems that might occur.
  • Have very strong driving skills, great road safety knowledge and a real passion for driving.
  • Be able to adapt your teaching style to each individual pupil.

During the course of a working day you will be assessing learner driver’s ability and road safety knowledge. You’ll also have to keep a record of learner progress to know what areas need to be covered and design of plan of action to get them prepared for their test. You’ll need to teach your learners to use a vehicle safely with confidence and the importance of understanding road safety issues. You’ll also need to know your manoeuvres like the back of your hand because you’ll be teaching all of them including turn in the road, reverse parking and the parallel park. You will also have to teach driving laws, the Highway Code, about basic vehicle maintenance and how to cope with emergency situations.

Teaching others to drive

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An instructor can be employed by a bigger company or franchise or they can operate their own self-employed business. Working for yourself, you’ll need a dual control car but you can set your own hours but be expected to work weekends and evenings. Career progression can see you gain experience and training and then move onto specialist areas. A highly experienced driving instructor could go on to become a driving examiner.¬† Ever wondered what it takes to become an examiner?

To become an examiner you must be over 24, have held a UK driving licence for longer than four years and have no more than 3 penalty points and rather strangely, you don’t need to have been an instructor to become an examiner. You will have to complete a series of assessments which include a situational judgment test, a driving ability test and a behavioural assessment.

The situational judgment test involves managerial work-based scenarios with multiple choice options. Role play exercises are used in the behavioural assessment stage and will include customer service, communication and written skills and team working. The driving ability test is a lot more rigorous than a normal test and the level of driving expected  is much higher.

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