Internal customers, its importance and ways to satisfy

These days increasing companies are proposing to build profitable relationships with customers creatively. More and more tools to facilitate communication with them are discovered. Therefore inform know what the company does, what is the value proposition or why your product / service is different from others, it is essential at this time.

But just as it is important to educate the customer on the reasons why we are a better choice than the competition, it is also important to worry about people internally collaborate daily to those profitable relationships are built and guarantee that actually can give high levels of satisfaction which in turn result in the satisfaction of those who buy the products or services you sell.

Internal customers

As mentioned in other articles in this blog, the difference is in the details. The details are given as gestures of affection and consideration that make us feel special and important. But details were not only should give our external customers; we must also give them to internal customers.

Kotler and Armstrong said: “Marketing meets the needs of the customer.” But there are two types of clients: external clients (consumer good), and internal customers (employees to create or deliver the goods). Both are extremely important and dependent on one another. This time, we will focus on domestic customers.

Since every person who works within the company is a satisfied customer who must keep, we should strive and find ideas that keep encouraged to continue supporting their work. But it is also important to feel valued. After all, they are the ones that we also may differ from the competition. It is simple, a company makes its employees and the treatment they give them to customers makes the difference. The more they feel supported and loved, they feel more committed to maintaining and attract customers for the company. The same happens in everyday life, the more useful ones and we are in a place, you want to remain part of it and find it more enjoyable too. Every detail account for them, even the smallest gesture receive positive feedback on their work, a letter for good performance, listen to a suggestion to invite for coffee and a lot of things can make them feel special.

Now we are starting the year is a good target come up with something to satisfy even their internal customers. Here are five great ways that some companies seek to encourage and get the satisfaction of internal customers also you can try to implement in your business.

1. Create spaces where employees feel comfortable

In the case of Google, a company that besides being famous for the search engine, YouTube and many other tools and applications that have revolutionized the web, is known for its fun and unique facilities. As the employees with venues that certainly help them to encourage creativity and feel fully comfortable. More than offices or workplaces, Google facilities are enclosures designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity of its employees and at the same time ensure their satisfaction.

2. Reward and recognize employees for good work

While this is the most basic way to encourage and make you feel good internal customer, in the case of SMEs giving credit to its employees and recognize them for their good work may be something maybe not so deep in their culture as it can occur in the case of large companies.

Although you do not necessarily need to give great rewards to employees, you do need to reward and recognize their work in an attractive way that hopefully each time you do offer something new to keep a high level of motivation and employee satisfaction.

3. Do things outside the company

This applies to the company Warby Parker glasses which performs outputs with their employees to have fun or Zappos, who among other things makes parades, contests and picnics familiars. Through these activities, both companies are able to maintain a good relationship with its employees, who effectively makes them feel important and valued while resulting in high levels of satisfaction.

4. Listen to the ideas, opinions and recommendations of its employees

Listen to the ideas and opinions of employees and take account not only makes them feel valued, it can also be a great way in which companies can help develop a culture that encourages and encourage creativity and innovation by workers themselves, both are critical things to also achieve external customer satisfaction. E.g. Seat Car Company took on 121 new ideas of their employees, and of these, 42 were patented. If such was the result of this initiative, imagine what you could do by making their employees get involved and participate more considering their views.

5. Try to be empathetic

Try to put yourself in the shoes of your employees allows you to better understand your needs and be aware of some things that may mostly need to feel full in the performance of their duties. Although this may mean granting some concessions, the level of satisfaction and motivation that this produces can pay handsomely. Such is the case of Netflix, a company that allows new parents to share and spend time with their babies.

While you need not think of such a thing, you can give some concessions to their employees to help maintain a high level of satisfaction and motivation and it can be achieved simply not being so restrictive.

The as important as the external customer internal customer

Good companies know that to have more productive employees is necessary to keep them satisfied with their treatment. In addition, a content employee as a happy customer can provide an opinion or positive experience of the company. However, despite the benefits that encourage and motivate internal customer has for businesses, companies usually concentrate most of its efforts on external customer satisfaction when in fact both are necessary.

Keep in mind that when it comes to building the brand and achieve an important position, the external client is as important as the internal customer.

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