Insurers to the conquest of mobile technologies and digital marketing

Insurance companies around the world will invest around 84 million dollars in mobile technologies and digital marketing over the next three years.

According to data released from the survey conducted by the firm Accenture among the executives of 125 of the most important companies in the world, insurers are making a change in the focus of investment for mobile technologies and digital marketing in order to expand your reach and market share.

In this sense, during the next three years more and more insurance companies will give greater importance and priority to investments aimed at commercial strategies that take advantage of the resources of mobile technologies and digital marketing, including social media such as Facebook.

Although a limited number of insurers said that their current investments are focused on mobile capacity building (19%), improving digital commercialization (34%) and integration channels (36%), a large percentage of these insurers are now planning or considering investments for the nearest future, with mobile technologies generating the most attention for 62% of respondents, followed by digital marketing (49%) and channel integration (44%).

Serge Callet, director of Accenture commented in relation to the data of this survey that “increasing investment in mobile technologies – taking advantage of the growing use of smartphones – and in digital marketing to create new opportunities and influence the choice of the client, is necessary, but not enough in the current environment. ”

Insurers are also increasingly likely to adapt their marketing strategies for specific customer segments. In this sense, the survey revealed that more than 26% of insurers intend to personalize their products, promotions, channels, services and pricing strategies for specific segments of customers over the next three years, something that is currently only being put into practice. practice by 14% of insurers.

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