Inbound Marketing: Selling Without Bothering

As a general rule, everyone bothered to come to our house to sell us the “Encyclopedia”, to call us constantly by offering us a change of telephone company, to stop us on the Metro on the way to work to become partners in an association, to find us the mailbox Home and car windshield full of flyers, … This in the online world is translated into junk mail, unwanted messages, pop-ups, annoying banners etc.

Inbound Marketing Selling Without BotheringThe consumer has changed, is increasingly more reluctant to intrusive advertising

It is becoming more and more informed and above all: he has less time and likes to own it. We are bothered by YouTube ads although they can be omitted in 5 seconds, instead, we are willing to spend hours and hours looking for information, opinions and videos of a new model of mobile or the car we are thinking of buying, … So are the new consumers!

Inbound Marketing was born in response to the new “modus operandi” of consumers. The brand goes from being subject to becoming a predicate, to persecuting its customers to find it, find it and fall in love with it. That is the main goal of Inbound Marketing: letting yourself be found. Brands must pave the way, mark it, light it so the customer can find it easily and also have a motivation, a “why” to start the search.

Once the customer has found us, we must give him reasons to spend a good time with us, to return to visit us and especially to be our greatest ambassador and next time do not come alone, …

The Inbound Marketing has its origin in the baptized by Seth Godin “Permission Marketing” and although usually it applies this term to the strategies in line also the concept can be applied in other lands. Some experts like Oscar del Santo, renamed this term as Marketing of Attraction 2.0 when it was developed in the scenario of the internet and social networks, and where their actions are based on the power of attraction: it is the consumer that reaches the Product or service on the Internet or social networks motu propio attracted by a message or content of quality and obviously of interest.

“Consumers will only give a company permission to communicate with them if they know what they will gain in return. The advertiser has to compensate users, explicitly or implicitly, for paying attention to their messages.” Seth Godin.

Attraction marketing is a continuous struggle to attract customers without being invasive, to make ourselves known respecting their space. To achieve this intricate goal, we must stand out from the competition, define a strategy and be clear about where to play and how to win.

Inbound Marketing is based on five pillars that must be perfectly integrated: Good search engine positioning, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing Strategies, On-line Two-Way Communication and Online Reputation.

Advertising “intrusions” are not an option in this new discipline, they are a discard more and more patent, a stone in the way that we must separate. We can not knock on the client’s door, it is the client who should come out to look for us and invite us to enter.

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