SEO Technician vs. Online Marketing Specialist

Let’s start by establishing the fundamental and starting point: an SEO technician is not the same as a marketing specialist. What are the similarities and differences? Several, let us review one by one according to certain objectives:

Optimization Objective

The SEO technician is in charge of optimizing websites with words sometimes chosen by the client, sometimes by a general keyword analysis; And then optimizes some of the content. Taking titles and URLs into account.

SEO Technician vs. Online Marketing SpecialistThe marketing specialist on his side, conducts a market research and the level of competition that each keyword has. There is a big difference if the optimization campaign is done for a large company or for a small company with a reduced market. Then optimize titles, descriptions and site content. It takes into account issues such as site structure and optimization of each internal URL.

Both meet the optimization goal but at very different levels.

Sales Objective

Positioning campaigns are usually done with a clear goal: to sell more. Therefore, it is important that the optimization actions are oriented towards this goal. A web only being optimized does not achieve more sales; It is necessary to face other complementary actions that help the client company to increase its sales.

The SEO technician only optimizes the web of the client company, does not face a global campaign that increases sales.

The marketing specialist performs website optimization as part of a general sales campaign, which includes many more advertising actions.

The SEO technician does not achieve the sales goal; The marketing specialist does.

Positioning Goal

Placing a web on the first page of Google is something that involves the implementation of a whole series of strategies and resources that as a result (and after several months perhaps) will place us among the first results of the search under certain strategic words.

An SEO technician usually performs site optimization and at best, adds the web in some business directories. Is this enough to position us? Not always.

The marketing specialist takes into account a lot of strategies for positioning the website: on-page optimization, directories, blogs, web architecture, paid advertising; Are just some of the many examples that can be implemented.

The SEO technician works and achieves the positioning goal, the marketing specialist also achieves the positioning goal but in a much more creative way.

Conversion Goal

The SEO technician performs site optimization and your work ends there; Usually does not care about conversions that the site has. Consultations are not measured through the contact form or subscriptions to the company newsletter.

When a marketing specialist takes charge of positioning a website, the first thing he or she controls is the number of conversions that have been achieved with the campaign. It is very important to measure how many contacts, sales or requests have been made thanks to the optimization work.

The SEO technician achieves a lot of traffic to the web but does not achieve conversions, instead the marketing specialist directs his optimization efforts to get as much traffic and conversions as possible.

Public Relations and Advertising Objective

Public relations and internet advertising have to do with aspects that go well beyond website optimization.

In order to achieve a reputation and achieve important links in the online world, it is necessary for the expert to carry out the campaign to be a communicator, a facilitator of relations and connections between the company and its clients-followers and between the company and other important organizations to achieve The sales targets.

The goal of public relations and advertising involves constant work, a circular process that must be maintained over time and must be improved every day.

Clearly, the SEO technician does not achieve public relations and publicity goals as their work ends once the page is optimized. The marketing specialist if he achieves this goal since his work implies from the beginning the skills of a good communicator and public relations.

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