How to improve the experience of customers and consumers in the Media and Social Networking

Social Media has changed the business relationship with their customers without doubt. They are now more important than ever the actions that lead to a unique consumer experience with which, brands must interact paying greater attention more continuously and steadily.

This is something which businesses and professionals are increasingly putting more emphasis and commitment. To achieve this, harnessing the power of the media and social networks, we can highlight some important aspects that will certainly be key to our purpose of creating a better and positive experience among customers and consumers.

How to improve the experience of customers and consumers in the Media and Social NetworkingTake advantage of exposure

There are many companies that are reluctant to establishment of the Facebook page as a channel for interaction with customers by fears of negative comments. However, it is inconsistent to adopt this position in a cycle in which only the brands that are influential, that is … affordable and reliable consolidated.

Solve problems it is the key and should keep in mind that behind every negative comment, after every review, an opportunity to provide exceptional customer service recess.

This not only speak of a committed brand but also a brand with proper management of crises (essential for the credibility and confidence)

Integrate social media customer service

A social profile neglected and full of customer complaints is the end of any brand. Social interaction with our target audience, should only be implemented when it has a unified strategic plan with which to respond to the crisis.

Similarly, it is necessary to have a strategy that will enable the brand to keep happy (and motivated) to active customers, coupons, sweepstakes, discounts, etc. … are very powerful tools to achieve loyalty. Crisis management and motivation variables that determine the consumer experience.

Invite customers who already know us

Often one aspect they forget marks when they embark on the adventure of consolidation in the Social Media, is that already have a database of existing customers who know the brand. Ensure the active participation of our consolidated customers increase the confidence of our target audience.

Dynamism and pro-activity, essential

passively wait for users to post on the walls of Facebook is not enough for influence (and a waste of valuable resources). The only way to consolidate our brand is being proactive with our clients, interacting with them, thanking them, inviting them to comment or helping to resolve any questions or conflict.

Customers use social networks to connect with brands, hoping to find a company able to listen and respond to what they have to say and of course give adequate satisfaction to your needs.

Customers and ambassadors, only motivation

The brands that stand out for efficient marketing strategies in Social Media have his credit with motivational campaigns of its most active and influential customers. Find the most relevant information for them and broadcast it is an unequivocal gesture of commitment, it manages to increase customer satisfaction and makes something unique consumer experience.

Rewarding those who most agree is the best way to encourage proactivity and encourage innovation.

Quality content, essential in any action plan

We need to add value, initiate dialogue, stimulate debate, deliver training.Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, action in Google+ and the consolidation of our experience in Linkedin, is carried through the contents.

Today the contents are who constitute the link with customers, beyond the product, good or service is through the delivery of responses, impact and emotions, which idealizations our customers and deliver a unique experience and built based on your requirements.

We must seek to excel

If analyzed as a case study the evolution of the social fabric, it is not difficult to conclude that the construction of a large network created from innovative and individual ideas that come together to be more visible (efficient, specialized and visible) pursued forming networks involved, hyper segmented.

The more interactive is the proposed initiative to our customers in the social media, more viral will and greater loyalty achieve by their followers, who transformed into ambassadors of our brand, achieved provide the consumer experience the added value of the action individual.

Conclusions, the way we interact with customers determines the consumer experience.

It is important to note that for every social action can arise added value for the brand, the more you interact, the more opportunities will arise … and happier are our customers with their expertise, proactive, quality and focused on mutual benefit .

Not surprisingly, the great paradigm of business innovation main objective is constantly identify the added value through consumer experience, which presents us with a new way of marketing focused on establishing long-term relationships and fed back interaction with customers.

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