Social Media Metrics will be the center of attention

From the earliest days of the Internet, expectations and prospects detailed metrics were grown in the hope that sometime could know the preferences and behaviors of customers, unprecedented until then.

Today, that has been partially materialized, it is true that online media provide some information offline channels can not, but the sellers still seek the way through these data, we can perform conversions.

Social Media Metrics will be the center of attentionIn this sense, there is still a long way to go. A E-consultancy report on the state of social media in 2011 in the UK, showed that 41% of surveyed businessmen did not get an ROI on social media that online spending equated they were earmarked. In addition, only 8% could attribute the ROI of all your investments in social channels.

Another report by Marketing Sherpa found that only 20% of Americans surveyed agencies and consultants said their campaigns were producing Social Media ROI. However, 64% said that their customers rely on this form of marketing would pay off over time, and were willing to continue investing in them.

In August this year, according to a survey of Chief Marketer, the most common method used to measure the success of campaigns Social Media Marketing was tracking the number of people who come together as friends to fans, as the amount “like” received. Much further down the list, we find the tracking of sales attributable to social media.

In 2012, vendors will have to focus more on the difficult indicators to measure the ROI of social and digital marketing. Until now companies have been content to dabble in these areas, either out of curiosity or peer pressure, but the risks increase, the media should start providing concrete benefits in their business.

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