Is Your Website Working For You Or Against You?

You’re savvy enough to know that the digital era requires every business – no matter how small – to have an active web presence. You’ve made sure that your company has its own site, promoting your goods and services to potential customers, so now you only have to sit back and wait for the orders to come flooding in – don’t you?

Is Your Website Working For You Or Against You

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Customers want more

Nowadays it seems that customers expect to do more than simply visit a site, click on a few items and place an order. The internet has changed the way we communicate with each other and seems to have fed into our curious streak. These days we expect to engage with our brands, finding out where they are based, who is behind them and what makes them unique.

Forbes suggests spending some time on your own website to make an objective assessment about it. Is it a site that you would willingly wish to spend time on? Are your products clearly laid out, with sufficient descriptions to enable customers to make an informed choice? Do you regularly update your content to ensure that it remains relevant and up-to-date?

Entrepreneur agrees that telling customers a little bit about yourself, your brand and the story behind it can all help to create a relationship that can have an impact upon sales. Even the smallest of companies can exploit their size quite favourably to make it a Unique Selling Point.

Basic errors to avoid

Of course, there’s more to a successful enterprise than simply getting customers onside. Far too many websites are littered with basic errors that are incredibly simple to fix but that can turn visitors away in despair.

Sites that take ages to load are particularly frustrating and can quickly cause visitors to give up and try elsewhere. A site designed for a desktop computer that fails to display accurately on a smartphone or tablet is also annoying enough to send visitors packing. Poor grammar and spelling are further turn-offs, with bad photography cited as a reason for leaving a site by users who are in search of a satisfying online experience.

The best route to ensuring customer satisfaction is to hire a professional web designer who knows the industry inside out. Rather than viewing web design as an expense it should be viewed as an investment, since it not only acts as a digital shop window for your services but also drives up visitor numbers. Most importantly, it will direct the right sort of visitors to you, ensuring healthy sales figures.

Thanks to the opportunities offered by VOIP applications such as Skype, it’s now possible to find a website designer outside London, meaning that you won’t be charged London prices. For example is a hyper link through to a Newport web design company called Netcentrics, although rooted in web design in Newport, deals with customers from around the UK and even further afield, creating tailored solutions to ensure healthy sales and high-quality visitors.

Unlike many forms of advertising and marketing, visitor numbers and conversion rates can be analysed, allowing you to see for yourself – quite clearly – the impact that web design tweaks and adjustments can have on your business, allowing you to take appropriate action as required.

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