What are the predictions that determine the customer experience in 2016?

The customer experience is more relevant than ever, and will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. Customers expect the company to anticipate their needs; they must overcome their expectations, if they really impact them.

The customer relationship has changed significantly since social networks broke into our daily lives. Customers have a tool that allows them to connect directly with brands, and that his message has an impact hitherto unknown. Social networks have given a voice to customers; a protagonist that mobile devices have given a ubiquitous dimension.

What are the predictions that determine the customer experience in 2016Now it’s the turn of brands who must strive to know their customers, and enable the tools and resources needed to meet customer requests. To do this, Big Data and technology adaptation will be of great help. CustomerThink includes the main trends in the customer that can appreciate from next year:

Companies begin to apply predictive analytic to customer experience, in order to personalize interactions, and adapt even to each device, anytime.

Mobile devices will play an essential role. It is expected that in 2016 requests registered through these intelligent terminals exceed those that come from the computer. These intelligent terminals will favor the most direct and personal contact between brand and customer; especially thanks to the development of mobile apps.

Concern for the customer will be present from the initial stage of product development. More than half of the investment in R & D aimed at developing products and services will be oriented to innovation in the customer experience.

Companies improve customer service, both support through mobile devices, and general knowledge of the customer. A challenge set for 2018, the result of awareness to improve the customer experience, and a commitment to technological innovation.

Experience across all contact points will care. It is expected that in 2018, the ability to generate and deliver relevant content at all times is a differential value of work in benefit of companies truly committed to the customer experience.

It is expected that in 2017 only 1 in 3 requests from clients require the intervention of company personnel. To do this, companies need to develop a strategy that offers information and resources needed at each stage of the buying cycle.

The real – time analytic will be present in half of the interactions made by those responsible for customer support. These data will preempt the situation, knowing the market trends, and adapt the strategy more quickly and effectively.

The customer is much better informed and prepared, what will be even more demanding. This implies receive a personalized experience, not only as soon as possible, but proactively by the company. It is that brands are able to anticipate their needs.

Will enter the omnichannel era. Thanks to technological advances, companies will be able to offer an integrated across all channels strategy, in – depth knowledge to its customers, and act in real time, from a global perspective.

Finally, attributes such as price or product quality will be relegated to the background, while the customer experience will be one of the main differential values of the brand.

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