6 things that frustrate customers and how to avoid them

Clients turn to the company for help, information, or a solution to their problems. An approach that must obtain a useful and effective response by the marks; otherwise, it can only cause frustration and abandonment of that mark, in favor of competition.

To prevent malpractice in customer service resulting in a profound disappointment to the brand, it is important to care for the weak points, which can seriously compromise the continuity of the brand-customer relationship. Thus, according to Accenture, the aspects that frustrate customers are…

6 things that frustrate customers and how to avoid themForcing customers to contact repeatedly with the brand, to solve the same problem

If anything able to try the patience of the client, and show a clear lack of concern for the user, is the failure to properly log requests, and manage them properly. The customer has to feel important, care and perceive the interest of the company to address and resolve your request.

Customer submit to an endless wait

Either across the phone, tray email or any social profile, customers have a problem or need the company treat them in a timely manner. The maximum waiting does not extend more than 40 seconds on the phone; while in the case of social networks should not be more than an hour, or at most one day, if we talk about the mail. Time is money, and if we talk about user experience is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Repeat the same problem again and again, several representatives of the company

Another fact that shows a lack of concern for the customer, and provide proper care. To avoid this situation, there should be effective communication between the various departments of the company, and a strategy setting out the guidelines to be followed in each case, in order to coordinate and optimize the process.

Have the feeling that the company is putting obstacles to avoid solving your problem

Customers demand a useful and effective response. They expect the company to show its willingness to help, and commitment to customer satisfaction; therefore inadmissible avoid responsibility, and offer a vague and imprecise answers.

Show notable differences between the initial promise and the actual experience perceived by the customer

Customers cannot help but feel frustrated to find that the expectations created by the company in the first instance are not aligned with the actual situation. This can only lead to disagreements with the company, claims and ultimately, reviews and negative comments toward the company and its products or services.

There is no consistency in the treatment and experience provided by the different channels of the company

Customers demand integrated across all channels experience. For them there are no barriers or differences between online and offline means; between face to face contact with staff of the company, the telephone management or social interactions. In all cases, the company has to maintain the same tone of communication, same speech and customer experience.

As we see, the customer experience is critical to maintaining customer and increases their satisfaction. Today, they have many channels that allow them to connect directly with the company; which will no doubt also be used as a public speaker for your frustration.

It should be noted that the customer is everyone and each of the members of the company. Excellence in customer service is not the sole responsibility of the customer service department, but must be present throughout the process; materialize at all points of contact between the customer and the company.

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