Apple faces the lack of interest of its advertising platform

This was the first attempt that Apple made to enter into advertising, a market in which they move every day interesting amounts of money due mainly to the expansion of the iPhone, more than 100 million new devices have Apple in the market at the present time, although there are still very few who can show ads of the new platform.

Apple obviously wanted to increase its profits through advertising, but also encourage application developers to benefit from this decision due to the possibility of making free downloads that would be exchanged for Apple advertising.

Very few applications use this format since geolocation advertising is an added problem, Apple ads could not be seen.

In this way, what was shaping up as a buna business opportunity and, due to curiosity accumulated even increases in profitability, brings us to the current moment where, the rumors about a possible failure of Apple, failure that comes from the obstacles to capture the interest of advertisers.

Quality vs. amount was the bet of Apple on its advertising platform iAds, however it seems that the minimums would not have been reached, and it is logical, since advertisers are open to advertising, provided they are allowed to earn money. The proposal focuses on creating payment applications.

Now Apple is facing a great learning that should know how to take advantage of, the commitment to the Premium system, designed for developers to capture the companies that paid for the ads, however this has not happened and the interest of the advertisers never reached be relevant Something did not work in the business model and Apple must accept, evaluate and decide.

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