5 great Tips for the Marketing of the era 3.0

We move … we move forward … there is no doubt that trends and innovation are taking us to Web 3.0 and, obviously, to marketing 3.0.

There are many brands worldwide that approach their followers, learn from them and incorporate them as an active and essential part of the process of developing new products.

The publicity and marketing of the Web 3.0 have as central focus the permanent connectivity of the users and the establishment of the neuralgic points on which the purchase decision is based, through the interaction with its related groups.

It is for this reason that by analyzing trends, we give brands the necessary recommendations to start the process of migration towards consumers and markets 3.0, fully interactive, connected and decisive in relation to trends.

1- Include your clients in creativity

Creativity and innovation are the bases of added value, all brands should listen to the ideas of their customers, marketing 3.0 is a process in which brands and consumers must actively participate in the creation of a product.

2- Be part of the community.

It is impossible for brands to stay out of their communities without this becoming a detriment to online reputation.

It is very important to be aware that being profitable is transformed into an inherent quality of participation and online reputation. It is for this reason that the most active brands in their communities surpass not only in figures, but also in results to those without active and committed participation.

3- Marketing strategies must be 100% dynamic.

We are going through a cycle of openness and constant growth, which means that in order that the attention does not fall by brands and products, the innovation must be total, anticipating the needs and interests of the potential clients that will set trends, which will allow acting with speed and efficiency, which will achieve greater loyalty of its potential customers.

4-The competition, always present.

The study of competition is not only a formula to identify a new market segment or establish the added value of the brand. The study of the competition allows to identify the online reputation, in this way the strengths can be maximized and actions taken to minimize the weaknesses.

5- Facilitate the election

Finally, it is important to create rules that help the consumption of technology. Brands must pay special attention to the staging of the different models, prices and utilities of their products, which will facilitate decision making for consumers.

In marketing 3.0 the interaction of users is vital … only by actively listening to the information shared by users on the network and in their communities, brands will have the information they need to reach their potential customers.

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