4 things you should not do with your phone

You should not do with your phone

We shared a few rules of etiquette when using your cell phone that will prevent bother people around you.

My colleague in seat 3B in the morning flight from San Francisco to New York had a problem. “No matter what I think,” he said. “Tell him I need his proposal tomorrow at 9 am”. His angry conversation continued for 15 minutes until the flight attendant made the announcement to “turn off electronic devices”, and actually had to ask three times to hang.

I would love to say that this is an unusual situation, but it is not. How often do you hear about the private conversation of others in a public space?

You should not do with your phoneJacqueline Whitmore, author of Poised for Success, says that in her experience, abuse of cell phone is a constant in today’s business world, and that the lack of boundaries around it is having an effect negative on entrepreneurs.

As someone, who works with entrepreneurs and continued doing business in public places, I think it takes etiquette in using cell phones. Therefore, the next time you decided to take your phone and talk to your colleague about a new idea occurred to you, consider this:

1. As yawning is contagious

According to a study published in the Human Ethology Bulletin, the act of bringing a cell is a contagious behavior that could influence all who are around you to do the same. Therefore, the next time you are in a meeting, ask yourself if you want to be known because you the phone rings and you start to chat, or be someone who really connects with the person you have in front.

2. Your phone makes you less popular

Good basic manners need to be aware of your surroundings and either put your phone on vibrate or just turn it off when you’re at the movies, at a meeting or in a public forum. However, beyond this obvious advice, remember that as someone who represents the face of your company, you want to make people feel that they have your full attention.

In recent studies conducted by the University of Essex it shows that, the use of cell can be harmful to our relationship with others. A discovery notes that simply having him around or within sight (even if no answer) can affect your relationships.

3. Stop embarrass

Never ceases to amaze me how people forget you are in a public place and begins to discuss a personal matter or confidential information to someone on the phone. If you are in a conversation that makes you overly emotional look for a private place to talk. Show anger in public makes you look unprofessional and others around you feel uncomfortable.

Make the effort to schedule calls when you are in a private space. Many public places such as aircraft, hospitals and cinemas have rules prohibiting the use of cell. The best strategy, then, is to plan your calls for times when you are in a private location where you do not bother anyone.

4. Never shout

In a landline, a microphone in the receiver amplifies your phone. That is sent to your handset, allowing you to hear the true volume at which a person is talking. On a cell phone, there is no magnification on the handset, so just sign up the volume coming from your mouth. Therefore, many of us do not notice how high we talk on our cell. Avoid shouting and uses a conversational tone when using this device to communicate.

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