Ways to keep your sanity as an entrepreneur


If you ask freelancers and entrepreneurs the reasons why they settled on their own, their motivations vary declared. They may have wanted to solve a problem, or who have a sense of purpose. Others were attracted by the possibility of making more money or independence of being your own boss. And then there are the balance between work and life were sought.

EntrepreneurOverall most of the entrepreneurs transmit which is a stimulant and incredible ride, with many obstacles and significant periods of disenchantment, some of them:

  • Pressure: The most basic business implies that its operation will have to answer to a lot of different people: customers, banks, accounts, government, employees (if any) … a roller coaster of responsibility.
  • You work too: If it’s a boy for everything from accounting tasks to do marketing and sales, you have to play different roles. It can be exciting at first, but over time, it can become quite tiring. Besides that, our confidence may suffer losses.
  • Burnout: After a while without success and your passion improvements can stagnate, may suffer a loss of motivation to take you to question your decisions.

If you feel threatened by any of the above, you must first know that you are not alone, some tips to handle these situations:

Take time for yourself

First, set your “hours of work” and “free time” will give your brain a break while doing your “work hours” and be much more productive. Go beyond, set the rules for how it works: avoid meeting a few days to organize calendar, or just to think and increase creativity and strategic thinking.

Work smarter

While it is important to understand the intricacies of your company that will do more and better if it is able to focus, always think before taking any task “? Is this necessary to meet my goals” If the answer is no, do something different. Being busy does not necessarily translate into effective.

Define your processes and test its performance

Take time to define their work processes around sales, marketing, accounting, in order to ensure consistency in production and a minimum level of quality, be able to identify what works and what does not.

Celebrate Small Victories

We tend to link our confidence and self-esteem to extraordinary goals, in the long term.We forget that these same goals are achieved only reach on small milestones along the way. Celebrate the completion of any task. Remove the view of annual revenue and celebrate just signed with a new client or customer. Are you enjoying a new project? Are you learning a new skill? Celebrate it.

Perhaps most important thing to remember is that it is the center of your business and you have to enjoy what he does at all times.

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