22% of authorized emails never reach your inbox

How many of the mails that a company sends send really to the audience to which they are directed? According to a new study distributed by the company Return Path, billions of emails, those that consumers have agreed to receive, never reach the mailbox.

When Return Path analyzed nearly 1 billion marketing emails sent with the permission of its subscribers, they found that the Inbox Placement Rates (IPR), the index that measures the success of sending an email to the user’s inbox , Had fallen by 4% globally worldwide. The worst situation was in Asia-Pacific, where the IPR had fallen by 22% to 64% since 2012.

22% of authorized emails never reach your inboxThe global number of blocked or lost emails was approaching 22%, while another 4% ended up going directly to the smap folders.

According to the Return Path study, US issuers Had managed to slightly improve their IPR to 86%, which placed them at the head of all. However, despite being in the lead, the companies showed their inability to get to destination about 14% of all mail, representing billions of emails completely useless and unable to build relationships or boost sales.

“There are many factors that determine that a message can not reach the mailbox. It is impossible to point out a single factor or a set of factors that explain this deterioration, but knowing how to interact and attract subscribers is clearly becoming a fundamental component Of delivering the message in the inbox, “says George Bilbrey, co-founder and president of Return Path. “Mailers who arrive constantly to the inboxes tend to get higher reading ratios and more active subscribers. Emitters whose emails are ignored or deleted without even being read, are usually the Which have more difficulties to get their messages. “

In the past month, the focus of Return Path focused on analyzing the percentage of emails that are retrieved from spam folders by recipients, in what is known as the index or ratio “this is not spam (TINS% u2013 This Is not spam.) The company found that within a universe of one billion messages received during the first quarter of 2012, fewer than two per thousand (0.17%) were rescued from the spam folder. Usually reach the inbox on 97% of occasions or more, had a TINS ratio 3 times higher than other issuers (0.44%).

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