The millennials believe that brands should do good things

The relationship of brands with millennial is not always easy, but the millennials do have certain expectations of them. Younger consumers are convinced that brands can do great things or at least has the potential for it.

Millennials, also called Generation Y are those born between 80 and first 90 and have become mass consumer broader than has reached the market in recent decades (hence the interest aroused in companies) although understand is a slight headache for them. Unlike previous generations, they value much more intangible and emotional issues and expect totally different elements of the companies, products and even their jobs, hence their scale of values to consume one or another brand little or nothing has to do with what they expected their parents.

Although 30% of millennials is quite cynical in position to brands, according to a study of Initiative on the positions of the millennials in the UK market, a higher percentage is convinced that companies can be something else .58% of those surveyed said that brands can be turned into something good (and good thing understood something more than a company or a product created to cash). Brands can therefore work for the good of society or improve the environment.

The millennials believe that brands should do good thingsThese elements are crucial fact in the purchase decision for some of these consumers. 54% of millennials would be more loyal to a brand with social or environmental concerns. The figures do nothing but support what the facts have shown. Consumers in this age group are increasingly concerned about the origin of their products or the effect they have on society.

There are, for example, Toms, a brand of sneakers with great success in America that every time a consumer buys a pair of their shoes sends another to a developing country. The big brands have also been launched to this trend, a clear example of this market gain. H & M, for example, organic collections and has just presented his collection Conscious Denim, which will hit stores in early October and promises to be not only more efficient in their manufacture but also more respectful in their origins. The brand even collaborated with some consultants specialized in denim, Jeanologia, to get it.

“We have worked hard to reduce the impact on the environment of the washing process using materials that are more sustainable. The collection is full of large pieces and shows that ecological can also be stylish,” she explains in the presentation of the Helena collection Helmersson responsible for sustainability H & M (and the brand have an office as well as demonstrated in what has become sustainability as a decisive factor in a purchase decision).

And there are, by contrast, brands that are having problems because they do not exactly match these parameters. It is what is going to McDonald’s , which has serious problems to reach millennials.

But the millennial not only believe that brands should be aware, but should act on it. 59% believe that brands should be involved in different causes.

But they get bored in social networks

One of the most effective methods to reach the heart of the millennial is to pull social networks. Brands have understood this and are not only more present in them but also devote more resources to them. But they are doing so well? 40% of those surveyed by Interactive says that makes them bored in social networks.

Millennials about how they use social networks, the ultimate goal also changes within them. Younger within this generation (the section from 25 to 29 years) use social networks primarily as a matter of status. The presence in them will help them earn some esteem. For older (30 to 34 years), it is a matter of sharing thoughts and appreciate others.

The survey has confirmed, on the other hand, another element on how are the millennials. As they always say that the subject is touched, Generation Y is powerfully creative. In fact, millennials are not only creative but also value things that are one of the keys to which brands can grab to reach them is, for example, music.

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